Barbie Collectible Doll

Barbie Collectible Doll

One of the most collectibles is the Barbie doll. Through the years, not much has changed except for may be the outfits and the accessories truly making it a classic.

Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler and was introduced in a toy fair in New York City. Naturally, it was an instant success.

Just to give you an idea of what Barbie has done, she has had over 80 jobs from being a fashion model to even a president. There was even a version to promote the Olympics that was released to the market in 1975 and 2000.

There are those who say that Barbie was sometimes controversial. One example is when the company decided to make the doll join the army. She served as a medic during Operating Desert Storm in 92 that had to go through the approval of the military to make sure the uniforms were authentic. To promote the quest for space, the company even made the astronaut version with the last in 1994.

So you could say that Barbie has been through a lot for almost 50 years. So how much do collectible Barbie dolls sell for? If you happen to have one that has never been opened, there is a chance you could sell this to someone for $2,500. If you have one of the first that came out especially in 1959, you could get a check worth $10,000.

The next question once you have it is how do you take care of it? Here are some tips that you should follow to keep you collectible Barbie dolls in good condition.

First, never store this in the attic or basement. This is because although they are safe in a box, the temperatures in these places change which could ruin the doll. Also, the Barbie doll should be placed face down because if this is left on their backs, the eyes could fall off after some time.

Since most people want to show this to the world, be sure to dust them regularly. This is because if you don’t do anything about it, you may be forced to wash it and lower its resale value.

Another thing you have to do is keep your collectible Barbie dolls away from other children or pets. If left out in the open, this can be bitten or mangled. In short, destroyed and you wouldn’t want that to happen when you want make a profit later on.

Also, do not keep your collectible Barbie container. If you want to, go ahead but be very careful because the slightest moisture that enters the air tight plastic container may cause mildew or molds to grow. This can be prevented of course by putting a few small holes so moisture will be able to evaporate.

The most important tip is never expose your collectible Barbie doll to direct sunlight or any bright light as this will make the color of her skin and the outfit made.

So how do you sell your Barbie collectible doll? You can attend a convention, offer this to a specialty store or offer this to the highest bidder online. Don’t forget that you can make some money by also selling the accessories since Barbie had a lot to offer like her cars and pets. Just check on the market value of what you have and then look for potential buyers.