Banner Stands: The Why And How

Banner stands are compact displays that are typically counter top displays or free standing displays on the floor. Portability, reusability and attractiveness make them an excellent choice for displaying promotional messages.

Advantages of Banner Stands

Use Wasted Space: The compact banner stands occupy a minimum of space and can be placed in areas which will otherwise be put to no other use. Available space on tables and counters and unused space on the floor are examples.

Active Marketing: Customers typically pay only a cursory glance at the numerous products stacked on the retail shelves. To make them aware of a particular product or a special offer, a banner stand displaying the special features of the product or offer can be used, and placed strategically.

Effective Displays: By attaching a circuit screen to the banner stand, you can transform the static displays into animated or moving ones, with much greater impact and attention catching value.

Strong and Robust: Made with appropriate material and designed properly, the banner stands can withstand a lot of knocks and falls without getting damaged. And just a simple wipe can often clear any accumulated dirt or other stuff and make the display look fresh and new.

Stylish Designs: The stands can be custom designed to make them stylish and great looking.

Reusable: Just change the graphic and other content and you can use the stand to promote something different every day, or at another location for a different purpose altogether.

Finding the Best Deal of Banner Stands

Check the material: Sturdy stands are typically made of aluminum. The thicker the aluminum, the more robust will be the stand.

Check the banner graphic: Material like Opal-Jet film stops light and does not curl or tear. Check the quality and durability of the ink used. Check that the graphic is laminated. PVC material and water based inks are not recommended.

Check the Warranty: Banner stands themselves are usually covered by warranties. However, few sellers give any warranty for the graphic. A retractable graphic might sometimes be covered by a warranty as it is less prone to damage.

Compare the Price: Look around different shops and carry out an internet price comparison research to get a good idea about the ruling prices. You will then be in a better position to assess the fairness of the price that is charged.

Banner stands constitute an excellent medium to convey your promotional and other messages conveniently and effectively to your customers and other visitors. Familiarize yourself with the choices available and take the trouble to check all the issues involved and you will get a great bargain on something that works superbly.