Banner Signs

Banner signs can be compact and come in different formats, such as A boards with four legs that can be quickly put up in front of your establishment to call their attention to current events. You can quickly change the displays designed in standard sizes to fit the boards. The board is made of durable materials such as aluminum with an anodized finish.

There are modular banner signs that can be assembled to create a great look. The modular design can extend even to the display material, which can accommodate a single display or multiple strip displays, for example.

You can also get poster framing systems made to customized sizes to fit your posters. The frames are also typically made with aluminum with anodized finishes, in colors you choose. The framed posters can be hung on the wall, placed on a counter top or positioned in other ways.

Banner signs can also take the form of information dispensing stations, with a central display board and shelves to hold distributable material, such as brochures or information booklets. The whole structure is set up in a free standing manner on a base by assembling the different components supplied.

Outdoor Banner Signs

The compact sign solutions mentioned in the previous section are mainly for indoor use. Banner signs can also be designed for outdoor use, even to replace the traditional fixed signage. These outdoor signs can take the form of flags and pennants at events, or fixtures to light poles, or hanging banners, or some other form.

Banner signs can also be used by activists to display their protest messages during street rallies or protest events, or by football fans to root for their teams at sporting events.

Banner Sign Printing

Several options are offered for printing the banner signs. Digital printing on opaque surfaces, see-through printing that shows a reversed image on the back side, screen printing for great colors and ever sewing the letters and images are all options that you can find.

As technology advances, different kinds of printing and display are appearing and by investigating the options, you might be able to come up with a solution that is out-of-the-usual and thus able to catch attention more effectively.

Use of Banner Signs

As would have become clear from the discussion so far, banner signs can be used in several different contexts, in addition to the common business promotional purpose. Information dispensing, making announcements, displaying protest or support messages, and creating a grand ambience at events and venues are examples of the kinds of uses banner signs can be used for.

Effective banner signs can be designed by using striking graphics, a few bold words, use of contrasting and vibrant colors and a size that provides desired visibility.