Baldness Causes: Effectively Combat Baldness By Understanding The Causes

Baldness for either men or women has various potential causes. Determining the reason why you could be suffering will greatly help you in finding the ideal treatment for it. Baldness may be characterized by patchy hair loss on certain areas of your head – or generalized hair loss, which means that you’re losing your hair entirely.

Common Possible Causes for Baldness
Read and see if any of the descriptions appear to match your current situation.

Alocepia Areata
This is referred to as an autoimmune condition; it means that the body itself is responsible for the condition the individual in suffering from. In this case, the person’s autoimmune system is attacking the hair follicles, causing usually one but possibly two or three patches of hair loss. Fortunately, these patches will experience hair re-growth in 3 to 6 months even without treatment. However in some cases the regrown hair can be white.

Alocepia areata can become alopecia totalis, and in which case, the condition will cause the individual to suffer from complete baldness. Alocepia areata can also affect other hair follicles in your face and body.

Fungal Infections
Yes, hair loss can also be caused by fungal infection. School-age children are the ones who mostly suffer from this condition. When the scalp area is hit by a fungal infection. Oral antibiotics are, however, available for treating the infection and the hair will almost always grow back.

Male Pattern Baldness
Also known as androgenetic alopecia, this condition is caused by a mixture of genetics and hormones. It affects both men and women because male hormones are present in both male and female bodies.

Telogen Effluvium
This condition is actually not at all bad but simply a natural part of life. Hair on your scalp has an average lifespan of three years. When it reaches the last stage of its cycle, the telogen phase, it seeks to rest and falls out. Approximately 100 hair strands each day reach the telogen phase. When you use shampoo on your hair, the substance loosens up your hair strands, enough for them to fall out sooner than expected. But this is nothing to worry about because these hair strands were also nearing the telogen stage and the shampoo only expedited the entire process. All these hair strands will be replaced by the body.

It is estimated that 10% of our hair is always approaching the telogen phase. This can go as far as forty percent when we have just undergone surgery, childbirth, sudden weight loss, and high fever. But again, this is nothing to worry about because our body immediately seeks to replace any hair strands we’ve lost.

Traction Alopecia
Certain hairstyles exert too much pressure on your hair roots, causing you to lose much more hair than is usual or necessary. This condition is called traction alopecia. You can avoid it simply by ensuring that you don’t tie or bind your hair too tightly and to the extent of causing hair loss.

Some people have a habit of pulling their hair, even unconsciously so, while they’re thinking deeply or feeling stressed. In extreme cases, this can cause baldness. Trichotillomania results in broken-off hair strands rather than patches of baldness. It could lead to baldness given enough time of course. The only way to cure this condition is by becoming aware of your problem and resolve to avoid indulging in it.