Bahamas Houseboat Rentals

Houseboat Rentals in the Bahamas

Some of the best coves and beaches are located in the Bahamas. It is everyone’s dream to explore the waters and culture of the Bahamas. Instead of just staring at beautiful photos of the crystal clear waters and tropical palm trees, you and your family or guests can enjoy that first hand. Renting a houseboat here can allow you to do that by water. With many islands, tons of water, and endless amounts of beautiful beaches, this will be the best vacation yet.

The Bahamas are made up of many islands which have been grouped together as one country. All of these islands have unique names and characteristics. Before deciding on renting a houseboat, figure out which island area would be best for you. The Exumas have some of the calmest waters, which are ideal for houseboats. There are marinas and resorts that will be able to offer you different types of houseboats.

Unlike some of the other islands within the Bahamas, the Exumas have many secluded beaches, coves, and cays that you may explore on your houseboat. Check out the many coral reefs and underground limestone found within this bay area as well. The landscapes and beautiful plant life will amaze those who can see it first hand. Make sure you bring a camera along, so you can take shots of plant and animal species that are only seen at the Bahamas.

The cost of renting a houseboat on these tropical islands is along the lines of other popular tourist harbors. It will cost you approximately $500 a day with a minimum rental of 3 days, so make sure you have room in your schedule and budget to allow this.

While you rent your houseboat in the Bahamas, make sure you try your luck at fishing. Dolphins, tuna, bonefish and marlin are among the most popular catches off the shores of Exuma. Always check the local laws for fishing before casting any line into the waters of the Bahamas.

Renting a houseboat on the waters of Bahamas, will be the most exotic vacation you have ever taken. Your family will love the warm temperatures and nice cool breeze from the sea as well as the amount of wildlife you will see as you explore the waters. Having the opportunity to watch the nicest sunsets around is more than enough reasons to try out renting a houseboat in the Bahamas.