Bad Breath Remedies and Home Medicine For Halitosis

Bad breath is caused by odor producing bacteria in the mouth. There are certain food products like garlic and onion that are responsible for bad breath. The most common cause of bad breath is bad teeth. If you have dental decay at the roots of the teeth, then it is likely that you will suffer from bad breath.

What causes halitosis or bad breath?

There are a number of causes of bad breath, including:

* Poor oral hygiene
* Gum disease (e.g. gum boils, abscesses, spongy gums, gingivitis)
* Multiplication of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract
* Candidiasis
* Chronic sinus infection
* Certain medications (especially those that cause dry mouth as a side effect)
* Smoking

Possible Symptoms of Bad Breath / Halitosis

The main symptom of bad breath is an odor that usually comes from the far back region of the tongue and grows stronger when the person talks. Bad breath is often accompanied by a foul taste in the mouth. The odor can vary from barely noticeable to overwhelming depending on the cause and proximity to the person.

There are a variety of herbal mixtures for bad breath to help eliminate the problem.

* Drinking plenty of water daily will help to control bad breath. Dehydration will attempt to conserve moisture by reducing the salivary flow, which minimizes the saliva’s cleansing effects on bacteria which is a cause of bad breath.

* Clean your tongue with a special tongue scraper in order to remove bacteria.

* Brush your teeth at least twice daily, or after every meal is even more effective.

* Clean your teeth and tongue with baking soda to receive fresh breath. Or rinse the tongue with baking soda that has been dissolved in a little warm water.

* Eat plain yogurt for a six week period, as this can help to eliminate bad breath, as it decreases the levels of offensive compounds produced by bacteria in the mouth by 80%.

* Gargle with a glass of water which has the juice of half a lemon added.

* Brushing your gums and tongue with powdered cloves is another herbal mixture for bad breath.

* If you suffer from bad breath, then try to avoid foods such as: blue cheese, salami, tuna, curry, garlic, onions, anchovies, red meat, milk, coffee and cola.

* A natural deodorizer is parsley, and cardamom seeds help to sweeten the breath.

* Another bad breath reducer is fennel tea. The compounds that are found in the tea can decrease bacteria growth that causes bad breath.

* Cranberries fight offensive-smelling bacteria.

* Eat a green raw Guava in order to fight against bad breath.

* Cloves can be kept under the molars without chewing in order to keep your breath fresh.

* Alfalfa tablets may help eliminate bad breath.

*Anise Chew anise, cardamom, dill or fennel seeds to help mask odors. Anise, the licorice-flavored seed, kills the bacteria that cause odor.

*Chlorophyll Try liquid or chlorophyll tablets which you can buy at your pharmacy. Chlorophyll has a deodorizing effect and is used in a number of products for that purpose.

In order to prevent bad breath, oral hygiene is essential. Use a good quality mouthwash every day along with brushing. Be sure to rinse with the mouthwash for a minimum of two minutes for maximum effect. It is also advised to change your toothbrush every three months. Always consult your doctor before taking any remedy or supplement on an ongoing basis, particularly if you are pregnant or have other health issues.