Backyard Landscaping and Planning

Today’s home owner is all about making his or her home his or her “castle”. This includes the outside of the home as well. Today, as we have more leisure time more and more people are spending this leisure time enjoying the pleasures of their own backyards. As the price of gasoline goes up and up more and more people are spending vacations closer to home, or taking vacation in their back yards. How we landscape our yards says a lot about us to neighbors and strangers alike. You are judged by how well you keep your front yard, and your backyard, and if you want to co-exist happily with neighbors it’s best to keep it looking good. There is another reason to consider keeping up with your landscaping, or doing new landscaping if it’s needed. Today’s home buyers are savvy and it’s a buyers market. Home buyers are looking for a well manicured lawn and a well thought out and appealing landscaping, and this can be the actual deciding factor on whether or not people buy a home.

Every neighborhood has a home store like Lowe’s or Home Depot or a wonderful garden center where you can get supplies and advice on how to landscape. And don’t every think it’s a waste of money. Any money spent on your home always comes back to you in the end. If you do a bit of planning before hand you can make sure that you spend wisely. So, making your backyard your oasis away from the world has dual purpose! You make a splendid place where you can entertain family and friends and add to the value of your home at the same time, a win-win situation!

Landscaping has come into it’s own. Patio’s and decks are more popular than ever and are treated like extra rooms. Many homeowners who have decks or patios find that they are just too hot to use with the sun blasting on them all day. The addition of a patio cover or deck awning can make these areas more usable. A simply built patio cover such as a pergola can give you needed shade during the heat of the day, and an awning placed above a patio or deck not only keeps the heat off but also protects from rain. Patio and deck awnings which are made from Sunbrella are guaranteed not to fade and are also stain proof. Durasol, Sunsetter and Sunair are a few of the manufacturers of awnings and they carry a wide selection of fabrics. Retractable patio awnings can be manual or motorized which open and retract with a simple push of a button.

Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your patio furniture and it’s time to buy a new set. Cast aluminum patio furniture is very popular. Practically care free cast aluminum gives the look of wrought iron. All it needs is an application of car wax once a year. Choose from any number of fashionable and affordable patio furniture sets from manufacturers like Hanamint, Mallin and Tropitone. Update your old patio furniture with replacement patio furniture cushions. A new set of cushions will breath new life into your patio furniture.

Time to show off your cooking skills. How about an outdoor kitchen? From a simple set up with a counter, sink and lower cabinets to full fledged kitchen, they’re the newest thing in outdoor landscaping. Consider it an extension of your indoor kitchen. Use the same types of colors and style to bring them together and create a cohesive look. Gourmet has also gone out of door with gas grills. You can find a wide range of add-on’s such as side burners and rotisseries and refrigerators on grills from makers like Ducane, Broilmaster, Vermont Castings, Char-Broil, Weber and Fiesta.

Since you’re making your backyard entertaining spot beautiful, don’t forget your lawn. Products for lawn care have become simpler and simpler. Lawn care giants like Scott’s, Espoma, Schultz and Green Light have taken all of the guess work out of lawn care. You can de-weed and feed at the same time. Several simple applications during the year will help you towards having a lush and green lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Now to landscaping with trees, shrubs and flowers. The best way to landscape is to start with the final plan in mind. If you don’t you’re apt to buy and plant flowers or shrubs that you will have to move, or that won’t work in the final plan and that’s a waste of time and money. This is when you may want to pay an expert for a consultation. A landscape professional will be able to tell you how to make the most out of your yard and what types of shrubs or trees will work best. It is money well spent.

Now that you’ve patio furniture, a gas grill and you’re taking care of your lawn, how about a proper place to store all your equipment? For most of us all out outdoor equipment ends up in the garage taking up way too much space. Look into a garden shed. You’ll be amazed at the styles you find. You can have one built to your specifications, down to the colors which you can have echo the colors of your home. Garden sheds come in metal, wood or carefree vinyl finishes.