Back To Basics Wheatgrass Juicer – Easy Way Of Making Wheat Grass Juice

Let’s see how Back To Basics WheatGrass Juicer will help you take control of your health and vitality…

Wheat grass contains many ingredients that are vital to maintain our health and fitness and has often been called “Nature’s great healer”.

Wheat grass is a known as a cereal grass along with alfalfa and barley and have been used for many years now to boost and health and increase vitality.

It has very few calories, no fat or dangerous cholesterol but plenty of protein. Wheat grass has all of the eight amino acids that are essential for good health.

Fresh wheat grass has many anti-oxidant properties and has been used as an alternative cancer therapy. Wheat grass cleanses the body and helps in weight reduction.

Back To Basics Wheatgrass Juicer Review

The Back to Basics Wheat Grass Juicer is a hand crank juicer made of hard wearing heavy stainless steel.

It includes a screen, plunger and funnel and the stainless steel auger, combined with pressure controls that can be adjusted for maximum pressure, ensures the pressure provided will squeeze every bit a juice possible from the wheat grass.

The Back to Basics Juicer can also be used for juicing soft fruits, berries and other kinds of leafy grasses and vegetables.

The simplicity of the design of the Back to Basics WheatGrass juicer makes for easy cleaning and can be completely disassembled and being made of quality stainless steel will not rust.

The handle has a timber cover for your comfort and ease of use. This versatile juicer can be mounted on a table, kitchen bench or any other work space. It can be left there permanently or taken away and stored out of site until next use.

Remember when you watched your grandmother perform manual tasks such as juicing an oranges and lemons? Think of how we have been spoiled by all the mod cons and electrical devices.

How lost are we during power failures when we can do nothing? Or have you ever thought of conserving power and doing things the way granny used to?

Well the Back to Basics Juicer is just the thing, being a manual juicer, it is great to use when there is no power, camping holidays or on your nature get away.

The Back to Basics juicer weighs only 7 pounds and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Purchase a Back to Basics WheatGrass Juicer and some fresh wheat grass today and you will be sure that your body will love you for it.