Baby Shower Prizes And Favors

The focus of every baby shower is helping provide the mother to be with the tools she will need to fully care for her new little one. Your baby shower will be no different! But offering your guests baby shower prizes and favors that they can take home with them to thank them for their gifts and commemorate the special day is a gesture that is well worth the time spent in preparation.

What Baby Shower Prizes Will You Choose?

Your baby shower guest list will likely include everyone from an 80 year old grandmother to a childless career minded adult to a few kids of all ages – and men. What prizes will make all of these people happy? That’s the challenge. Here are a few ideas for your baby shower game prizes:

* Purchase a variety of prize types and mark them so that you know who to hand to whom when a winner of a certain age or gender is ready to claim their prize.

* Everyone has to eat! Gift certificates for a pound of candy or dinner at a local restaurant will be appreciated by all.

* For girls only parties, gifts like picture frames, picture albums, candles, and bath and beauty products like bubble bath and hand lotion will suit anyone.

What Baby Shower Favors Will You Choose?

Baby shower favors are somewhat more challenging than prizes for the games. You may create bags for the men, bags for the women, and bags for kids if you like, but it’s easier if you have something that you can give to everyone. Remember, the focus of the baby shower is the baby and the new mom, so the favors can focus on that rather than the guest in particular. Here are some ideas:

* Small puzzles

* Inexpensive handheld games

* Chocolate

* A small picture frame for the new baby’s picture

* A small candle and holder

Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

A fun game for your baby shower could involve your guests making their own baby shower favors as one of the games. Perhaps you could provide doll parts so that everyone can create their own baby, craftier friends may be interested in using fabric paints on quilt squares to create hankies – even a do it yourself cookie decorating party with some take home boxes make a great baby shower favor and take the pressure off you of coming up with another baby shower game!