Baby Doll Collectibles

Baby Doll Collectibles

Dolls come in all shapes and sizes. When you go into a store, you can even select one based on age and a favorite among many are the baby doll collectibles. Why hobbyists would like to collect these dolls is probably because it makes them feel like they just gave birth to their own child. In fact, there are so many to choose from so here are a few of them.

One company that excelled in this field is the Madame Alexander Doll Company. The dolls they made were usually bought by their mothers so their daughters will have something to play with. Two of the most valuable are namely Kathleen Toddler that was introduced in 1959 and its market value today is from $125 to $300. The second namely Binnie that was introduced in 1964 is worth about $175 to $475.

Cabbage Patch Kids is another example of Baby Doll Collectibles. Their marketing strategy is quite different because you don’t buy it but rather adopt one. You pay a small fee for that and this was very successful way back in the 1980’s. Because the brand was taken over by various companies through the years and hundreds were sold throughout the world, its market value is not that high compared to the others if you try to sell it to anyone or over the web.

Lee Middleton also produces Baby Doll Collectibles. Some of their collections are My Own Baby Collection, My First Nursery Dolls and Playbabies Play Doll Collection. Most of the new ones sell from $55 to a little over $100 and because they are so life like, this is still a popular favorite among collectors.

Another company that makes life like dolls is Tiny Miracles. They have a collection called the Ashton Drake Galleries that feature 10 inch long babies that have micro rooted strand hair, vinyl skin, wispy bay eyelashes, tiny hands and feet outfitted with its very own diaper. This is not sold in stores so if you want one, this has to be ordered straight from them that costs from $59.99 to $129.99.

These are just a few of the Baby Doll Collectibles in the market. Where can you find Baby Doll Collectibles? The best place is still online because almost everyone has a computer and they can make money here much faster than putting an ad in the paper. The sellers don’t even have to create their own websites because there are auction sites around so they will just have to open an account.

When you are trying to sell Baby Doll Collectibles, it is best to put a photo, give the measurements and a brief description of the item. Mint condition ones fetch for a higher price than those have slightly damages which is why you should take care of everything.

Other venues to find Baby Doll Collectibles are toy conventions, garage sales, antique stores and bazaars. You should just examine each item carefully before buying them so you get your money’s worth when you bring it home.

If you store this properly for a few years, you can probably get a return on your investment because the market value of baby doll collectibles which are in good condition increases annually assuming that there is still a demand for them.