Baby Crib – Surviving Pregnancy

One of the most important first purchases for your new baby will be a baby crib. If you’re like most people you like a great deal. Some go to great lengths to get the best deals on products and part of the routine is buying second hand.

However, when it comes to a baby crib, it is always a good idea to buy new. Your infant will spend a lot of time in his crib. It is essential that your baby’s crib is safe and up-to-date.

Many cribs no longer meet today’s standards for quality and safety. Many years of research has lead to the current construction of baby cribs. Older cribs may pose dangers for your infant.

A baby’s limbs can become caught between the bars of a baby crib that does not follow the current guidelines. The bars need to be at least two-and-a-half inches apart to assure that the baby does not get his arms or legs stuck in between them during the night.

Current research on baby cribs revolves around the baby crib bedding. There are so many attractive crib sets that include blankets, pillows and bumpers. Although it is important to keep baby warm at night, blankets and bumpers pose a risk for suffocation. The baby can easily become entangled in his blanket, obstructing his airway. The crib’s pillow can be dangerous as well if the baby winds up under it during the night.

Baby crib bumpers help protect the baby from getting stuck in between the crib’s bars and they are designed with an extra soft filling that insures that the baby will be cushioned if he hits his crib. However, bumpers need to be securely fastened in place in order to insure the ultimate safety. Just like pillows and blankets, bumpers pose a suffocation risk if the baby becomes entangled in it.

Blankets, pillows can be great for decoration, but they should be removed when it comes time for baby to go to sleep. Bumpers should be fastened properly and double-checked at the baby’s bedtime each night. During colder nights, parents put their babies in wearable blankets that form right to the baby. There is no risk of the baby becoming entangled in the wearable blanket. Parents should check on the baby during the night to insure that he does not get overheated when wearing the very warm blankets.

With a few little steps, parents can insure safety with their baby’s crib bedding. However, they need to remember to avoid using older baby cribs. Older cribs do not always meet today’s safety standards. They often do not come with instructions and missing a minor detail in the instructions could be disastrous.

In order to insure your baby’s safety in a crib, it is very important to consider turning down the second hand offers from your friends and family and buy new. The investment will be worth the peace of mind in knowing that the baby crib you chose is safe and secure. A new baby crib is the most important item you can buy for your new baby during their first few months of life.