Baby Care and Pregnancy

Having a baby is always something to look forward to. It is especially exciting for first-time parents, however, it is understandable that first-time moms have a few hundred questions they need answered when it comes to taking care of their children. When he cries uncontrollably in the middle of the night and refuses milk or any other pacifier, would you know what’s wrong with him?

Fortunately, there are baby experts who can help every parent get through their anxiety of whether or not they are raising their baby well. When in doubt, consult your pediatrician, turn to friends, your own mother, and baby books to help you understand your baby. Bear in mind that the helpful advices you get are just suggestions, instinctively as a parent, you will know whether to follow some of the advice you’ve been receiving or not.

1. When your baby cries don’t think twice about going to him and either getting him or caressing him. If he is hungry, he will welcome your milk or his bottle. If he isn’t, try burping him maybe he feels irritated because of a full stomach or he has gas. You can also try laying him on his stomach and slowly rub his back; this will soothe him and put him to sleep.

2. Read to your child before bedtime from newborn up. With a newborn, you might find yourself reading to a sleeping baby since they sleep most of the time, however reading to him even when he is already sleeping will remind him later on about the soothing effect of your voice. He will learn to associate reading before bedtime with sleeping.

3. Start him on a schedule as early and as much as possible. Getting him used to a routine will help him recognize the daily activities the two of you will be doing from feeding to play time to nap time. Let his body clock tell him what it’s time for so you won’t have a hard time with bathing, feeding and such once he reaches his terrible two’s age.

4. Make a variation of his food. Feeding him the same pureed vegetable or fruit over and over will likely result in him eating very little if at all. You can check the internet for baby recipes if you’re stumped on what else to feed him. You can try pureeing a cooked meat dish like casserole or stewed beef.

5. Never leave your baby in the playpen or crib unattended. You might think that a crib or playpen is heaven sent because you can leave your baby for awhile to give you a little free time to finish your other chores but, crib accidents are one of the topmost reasons for babies getting hurt.

He can get tangled up in the playpen’s material or his head could get stuck in the crib. Put him within plain sight of you or put him in his stroller where you can take him with you wherever part of the house you’re at.