Ayurveda and Spirituality

Spirituality has a great influence in Ayurveda. Just as vaguely said elsewhere about Ayurveda as the science (read knowledge) of life, to be healthy a man (or woman) must be healthy by mind, body, and soul.

It is the knowledge of divinity within us that makes us healthy. That is the more you know about the divinity of your body, mind, and their connection with soul and the universe, you will live a healthier life.

When talking in terms of Ayurveda, the practitioner (Ayurvedic doctor) has to inspire his patient or client to awaken to a higher sense of divine self.

You may now be a bit confused. What has spirituality to do with medicine? Spirituality of a person has direct influence on his health is a truth.

All living things has a purpose. God has given unique capacities or talents to persons. To nourish that talents and live a life accordingly is the biggest task for man. It is only then a person will be able to achieve higher sense of spirituality.

If your office work necessarily doesn’t make use of your talents, but demands some poorly developed skills. This creates conflict. Spirituality in Ayurveda means finding a job suited for your personality and talents.

The next thing affecting good health is tensions in relationships. Instead of providing mutual support, relationships increasingly become abusive.

If a person doesn’t depend on other persons for his/her comfort and happiness, it is a healthy sign. The only person he or she can depend on is God. When you see God as your support, you have no reason to worry about abusive relationships.

Both the doctor and the clients are to experience a higher spiritual sense while the period of treatment. It is only then can you say that the treatment was complete.

In a sense Ayurveda doesn’t end with treatment, it is ongoing healthy life through carefully designed dinacharyas and ritucharyas.