Ayurveda- An Ancient Form of Medication System

Ayurveda the most widely used term now a days is one of the oldest form of treatments.

This named treatment system is the proven practice of the new millennium. Valuing the importance of Ayurveda, even people from far of land come to experience this rejuvenating natural treatment. Healthy mind and body has become the most discussed aspect of the new generation. Ayurveda is divided into eight branches called Ashangaveda.

Then healing power of Ayurveda has worked wonders in the life of many. Kerala, one of the famous centers of Ayurveda treatment draws a special attention, besides its natural beauty. The rejuvenating therapy is mastered by diet, Yoga, massage, aroma, exercise, meditation etc.

Ayurveda or Health science is about 5000years old in the Indian Health Care system. The system that was followed by the ancestors is a special gift to its followers. Based on the vedic philosophy, Ayurveda prescribes a healthy life style that retains one from any sort of illness. The ‘Tridoshas’ (vatha, pitha and Kapha) are the main constituent of any illness in the human body. The harmony of the body with the five elements of nature helps to maintain a healthy life.

The treatment includes:
• Abhayangam- oil massage 45mts /day for 14days. Effective for obesity.
• Dhaynamla dhara-warm herbal solution poured all over the body for 14days, 1hr daily. Better for rheumatic paralysis.
• Dhara – pouring of some sort of herbal liquids, medicated milk, butter milk etc on the head for 7 to 21 days about 45mts a day. Good for mental tension, skin diseases etc
• Kativasthi- on the lower back warm medicated oil with herbal paste boundary is kept. Effecdtive for spinal disorders and back pain.
• Kizhi- it is done for about one hour a day for seven to fourteen days. This process of application of herbal leaves and herbal powders with warm medicated oil is good for spondilosis, osteo arthritis, arthritis with swelling etc,
• Ksheeradhoomam- this milk steam treatment is effective for facial paralysis, speech disorders and other nervous disorders of the face.
• Lepanam- this medicated herbal paste is applied on the inflamed area.
• Nasyam- useful to cure headaches, mental disorders, skin diseases etc, the medicated oil is applied through the nose for 7 to14 days.
• Jnavara Kizhi- the treatment is effective for joint pain, rheumastism, high blood pressure etc. amixture of cow;s milk, balamoola Kashaya and cooked rice is in big boluses is massaged over the whole body with pressure.
• Pizhichil-the whole body is anointed with lukewarm herbal oil is better for about one hour or more should be continued for 7 to 14 days.
• Shiro Vasthi- on the cap fitted head of the patient, the herbal oil is poured about 15m to 1hour for 7 to 41days.
• Snhapanam- intake of medicated ghee for a period of 8 to 12 days, is a treatment for leukemia, arthritis, psoriasis
• Thalam- medicated oil mixed with a special powder is applied on the top of the head, is good for insomnia, migraine, ENT problems etc
• Udvarthanam-a massage with a special powder is effective for rheumatism, obesity, paralysis etc, is to be done for a period of 14 to 28 days, 30 to 45mts daily.
• Urovasthi- on the chest the warm medicated oil is kept for about 45mts, effective for asthma and other respiratory problems.
• Vasthi- this medicated enema of herbal oil applied through the rectum is an effectve curative for chronic constipation, gastric complaints, rheumatism, paralysis etc
• Yoni Prakshalanam- the purification of the genital organs done by the application of medicated oils through the vaginal route is also better for gynecologic disorders.

• Persons with serious liver and renal problems are not preferred to take oil massage.
• Pressure and other parameters of the blood should be normal before starting any treatment.
• Obsessed, hepatic, renal and diabetic persons are not prescribed to take ‘jnavara kizhi’ fro the whole body.
• Persons with cerebral thrombosis are not recommended to take ‘SiroDhara’
• Only under the guidance of the physician, intensive steam bath should be taken.