Axiety, stress and weight loss

Life in the twenty first century can be very stressful; people keep going round in circles from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to sleep. Some people even carry their stress into their beds’ thinking about theirs jobs and other problems they’re facing before they sleep.

The continuous stress results in sustaining high levels of cortisol (Otherwise known as the stress hormone) which can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue, as the adrenal glands become exhausted and unable to produce adequate hormones. The adrenal fatigue results in food cravings and thus leads to overeating.

In addition to this, the high levels of cortisol which results from chronic stress was found to decrease muscle tissues, and since muscle tissues burn more calories at rest than other tissues the decrease of muscle tissues results in weight gain.

Stress also is one of the factors that play a role in depleting the hormone serotonin; a hormone responsible for making you feel good. When the serotonin level depletes, you start craving carbohydrates and sugars in order to restore those serotonin levels back to their original level. ThatÂ’s why lots of those who’ve been working under stressful conditions for a long time have fat accumulations in their bodies. There are lots of natural ways that can help increase the serotonin production and thus hinder your eating habits. In the next page, you will find more information on serotonin and the factors that affect its production.

You could be doing everything by the book but still are gaining weight because of your high stress level. Combating stress should be one of your priorities; not only because stress can increase your weight but also because stress can cause other serious health issues.