Avoiding Obsessive Online Daters

How to Avoid Serial Online Daters

Online dating has become a fast fad for many people – both young an old. There is something of a thrill that can be attained from browsing profiles and daydreaming about the perfect match that you will find. Online dating is fun. It’s anonymous. And it’s often addictive.

One of the major dangers of online dating is that users tend to create a sort of virtual world for themselves in which they feel free to do and express themselves in a way that may not be always possible for them to do in person. Therefore, the medium can become a haven for individuals that not only lack self-confidence and social skills, but also for people with addictive or compulsive personalities. Online dating offers a rush and the immediate gratification that accompanies winning a jackpot.

When you are beginning a relationship with someone who you found online, one of the most important questions you can ask is whether or not they have had past luck using the medium. This is a tricky question because if they admit that they have not, then it is easy to imagine that they have simply not found the right person (could you be that right person?)

However, if the person you are potentially dating appears to have been on a multitude of in-person dates, but has always found something wrong with the date, then it is possible that he or she is a serial online dater. This means that he or she feels uncomfortable dating in person, so they continue to resort back to their most comfortable dating platform.

Chances are very high that individuals that find love once online will return for more when a previous relationship ends. The key here is that the individual was able to establish a relationship at some point. A serial online dater will not establish a relationship, but will, instead, meet the date once and then hide back online.

If you think that you have become somewhat involved with a serial online dater, then take the relationship slowly. It is important that you establish a high level of friendship and trust prior to meeting him or her. When and if you do finally meet, it is important that you make every effort to show a deep interest (if indeed you are interested.) this way, the person will feel comfortable with you and the chances that he or she will flee to their online comfort zone will be minimal.

Online dating is fun and helpful, but it is important that you are aware of what can happen if you become too reliant on the forum for all of your social encounters. As in anything, balance in online dating is the key.

Source: https://positivearticles.com