Avoiding Damage During Hair Styling

We’ve all seen models with shiny, long tresses and been bitten by the green monster called jealousy. But, how is it they achieve that look? Can just anyone have hair that healthy?

The answers to those questions depend on how much work a person wants to put into their hair. The key to hair that’s shiny and healthy is a lot of attention and careful use of products to ensure that hair is protected from the elements. And, yes, almost anyone with who applies proper care can achieve that sleek, shiny, professionally styled look.

The key to creating a healthy look in hair is to treat it correctly. The number one enemy to any style is breakage. This is when the hair shaft snaps, breaks or gets torn due to wear and tear. Bad styling products, over treatment, chlorine from swimming, chemicals in the environment and even perms and other chemical treatments and the sun can all be responsible for this. Time, too, can play a role in hair breakage. So can over brushing, putting hair up in tight ties and other everyday occurrences.

But, what can be done to stop it?

In general the best offense for avoiding breakage is a good defense. Those who go for frequent haircuts, use good conditioning products and avoid chemical treatments on their hair (or compensate for them with good conditioning products) can generally find themselves sporting a healthy, shiny head of hair.

When we’re born, we’re generally born with a type of hair. Learning to work with what we have and handling any changes to that look correctly can often make a difference. The person who has straight hair who constantly gets perms, for example, will likely face a lot of breakage. The person who hates their color, but can’t decide on one who goes in every few weeks for a new look will find themselves with damage, and so on. Does this mean perms and coloring treatments should be avoided at all costs? No, but common sense and proper care should be used. Constant styling causes lots of damage; occasional styling with good products doesn’t – generally.

The best way to avoid damage is to treat hair well and be very conservative with chemical treatments. Condition it when damage inducing treatments have been used and remember to go for frequent haircuts. Even the removal of a tiny bit of end hair can really help with creating an overall look that’s healthy, sleek and shiny.

It takes a little work to achieve a healthy, shiny look, especially for those who are starting off with damage, but a bit of diligence can really pay off.

Source: https://positivearticles.com