Avoiding an Online Dater

How to Avoid Repeat Callers

One of the most annoying (and yet flattering) aspects of online dating is that sometimes you will feel a certain way about someone who does not feel the same way about you. In other words, you could find yourself attracted to someone who is not attracted to you or, someone could be attracted to you when you are not attracted to them.

If you find yourself wrapped up in a situation like this, it can be tough to break the cord. If someone repeatedly call or emails you, how do you gently tell them that you’re not interested. On the contrary, if someone won’t return your calls, how do you know that they’re not interested if you can’t even talk to them? Here are some tips to help you make the break a clean one so that you do not hurt any feelings (and do not get a restraining order imposed against you!)

1. Communicate positive things clearly.
When making the break, it is important that you reinforce the positive things about a person. Maybe he or she is a great conversationalist or has a wonderful set of stories. It is important not to upset someone when you tell them that you do not want to speak with them again, for this will harbor ill will. Instead, highlight the positive things about them and then thank them for their interest in you. Tell them that you are simply looking for something different from a relationship, but that you wish them luck.

2. Stop answering your phone.
Many people answer their phones and have a simple conversation with potential suitors, even when they are not interested in pursuing the relationship. If you are not interested in someone, then simply don’t answer the phone when they call. After awhile, most people will take this as a sign that you are either very rude, busy or simply not interested. If they do not and they continue to call, then it is acceptable to either have the number blocked, or to answer and tell them that you are no longer looking for a relationship. Due to the fast nature of Internet relationships, it is expected that things will happen quickly.

3. Don’t be a repeat caller yourself. If someone does not call you back after three attempts, then chances are good that they are not interested. Don’t be a repeat caller. Instead, simply accept that they are not available.

Source: https://positivearticles.com