Avoid Plateaus with Tips on How to Lose Weight

Anyone trying to lose some extra pounds wants to know exactly how to lose weight, and more importantly how to keep it from coming back. To make these questions even more difficult to answer, each person has his or her own specific diet goals, and very different physical make-ups that can drastically affect total weight loss success or failure. Of course on top of these variables, just about every dieter believes quick weight loss is necessary. The truth of the matter is, although it can be a bit frustrating, slow and steady weight loss is essential to a healthy lifestyle, as well as to keeping the weight from returning. Below are some other tips to further help answer the question of how to lose weight.

Getting a better understanding of your eating behavior is one of the best ways to drop those extra pounds and keep them off. Take a look at your food patterns: are you an emotional eater who reaches for the ice cream when you feel sad or stressed? Do you mindlessly munch cookies when you are feeling anxious? Taking inventory of when you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat can help you to get a better understanding of the underlying issues. It can also help you identify destructive habits so that you can avoid them in the future.

Another key to successful weight loss is to learn when you are really hungry. Before just reaching for a snack, take a moment and ask yourself if you really need to eat right now. Just because you are craving something does not mean you actually need to have food. When your body really needs food, it will send you very distinct signals, such as a growling stomach. Eating only when you are really hungry, and eating proper amounts of food that allow you to feel full, yet not stuffed, can drastically improve your weight loss results.

Drinking more water, and eating smaller, more frequent meals can also be quite beneficial to weight loss. Consuming several “mini-meals” throughout the day, rather than just two or three bigger meals, can help you to burn more calories as well as keep your metabolism elevated at a higher level. Choose your foods wisely, and opt for those that are packed with fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and low in fat. Keep water available to sip on throughout the day. Water is a key to weight loss success and keeps the body hydrated, while providing you with a sense of fullness. This combination works to prevent you from sabotaging your diet through snacking.

Finally, get plenty of exercise. This does not mean that you have to join a gym and spend hours of your day there; however you do need to make physical activity part of your normal daily routine. Try to get a good mix of cardiovascular exercise and a bit of strength training. A great workout option is a twenty minute brisk walk followed by a short session of lifting light dumbbells. This will help you to build lean muscle, tone up, and feel more energized. Making a few basic changes to your routine can get you in shape and on the right path to losing weight in no time at all.