Avoid Bad Habits Instead of Quitting them After Starting

Bad habits are easy to acquire, but hard to get rid of. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly become victims to bad habits. These habits have very serious consequences and almost all of them are irreparable. Once you are addicted to bad habits, you are more likely to suffer from the ill effects associated with them. It is very difficult to get rid of these habits, how much ever hard you try particularly after a prolonged usage.

In this article, we will know about some of the commonly acquired bad habits, their effects, how difficult it is to break them and how to stay healthy.

Common bad habits – smoking, alcohol and drug abuse
Among many other bad habits, the most common habits which have serious and life threatening consequences are smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Many people get into these habits due to the influence of peers or due to stress related problems. People initially experiment or adopt these habits as a fun activity. But later, they become major victims of these habits, due to their addictive nature. Irrespective of age, gender, or social status, everyone can become a victim to these bad habits, as they are widespread.

Effects of bad habits
The above mentioned bad habits pose a very serious threat to the health of the individual. They are known to impair the body’s most vital organs, like brain, liver, heart, respiratory system, kidneys, etc. The effects of these habits are not just limited to individual’s health; they also negatively impact the psychological, financial, and social wellbeing of the individual.

The individual, who becomes victim to these habits, suffers from depression, short temper, aggressive nature, suspicious behavior, drowsiness, impaired judgment and so on. The victims of these bad habits are a serious threat to the society also. They are more likely to involve in criminal activities and accidents. These effects caution us to stay away from bad habits rather than struggle with the negative results.

Bad habits are often difficult to break
Here, you need to remember that it is difficult to break a bad habit. Tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs (including prescription drugs) contain addictive substances which make abusers their slaves. They make the individual highly dependent on them. Therefore, it is best to avoid bad habits than quitting them after acquiring. Individual can face serious withdrawal symptoms (in addition to routine effects of addiction) when he/she tries to break the habits. This makes it even more difficult for the individual to get rid of these habits.

Focus on healthy lifestyle
One of the best ways to avoid these bad habits is to focus on the healthy lifestyle. Once you start adopting good habits such as, exercising daily, having healthy diet, being in company of good friends, involving in playful, fun activities with peers, traveling with family will make you stay away from the bad habits. Healthy lifestyle keeps the stress at bay and gives strength to tackle any kind of temptation to experiment with these bad habits.

Bad habits that pose serious threat to an individual’s life are difficult to break. Hence, it is sensible to be aware of this fact and avoid them beforehand instead of quitting them after starting.