Avoid a Fake Proposal

Engagement Ring – Fake Ring

My boyfriend and I had been dating for a little over a year. Somehow I knew that the engagement was coming. We’re both a very conservative couple and before we moved in together, it was important to both of us to be married.

Scott had already been engaged once. Their entire relationship was a logistical nightmare because she was from England. Neither of them couple legally live and work in the other’s county. Thus, the entire engagement lasted a little over four months before they decided that it was a finished relationship. Scott and I had been friends, and continued to be friends during the time that he and his fiancĂ© broke up.

I did, however, think that the way that Scott proposed to her was really nice. He took her out to a really nice meal at a fancy restaurant. Every ten minutes, he had a rose delivered to them at the table. The last rose had the ring attached to it. He got down on one knee right there in the restaurant and popped the question. How romantic.

When Scott proposed to me, he faked me out. I almost broke up with him right then and there because my heart was broken. We were hanging out in his living room, joking about the fact that I didn’t think he would propose ever. He got down on one knee, pulled a ring box from underneath the sofa and opened it. The ring was this old ring that he had before and didn’t mean anything to either of us. He asked me, laughing, if I would marry him. I didn’t know whether he was serious or not, but the whole thing was totally disappointing. Finally, he laughed so hard that I knew it was a joke and I didn’t find it at all funny.

The next day, he had me over for dinner and proposed right there in his kitchen. While it wasn’t entirely creative, I was probably stilled so annoyed by the fake ring and fake proposal the day before, that I hardly even cared this time. Thus, I smile and said “Yes” but was still wishing that he had been a little more romantic with what would have been the most important question in our lives together. He was so much more romantic with fiancĂ© number 1 anyway!

So, men, if you are considering proposing to your girlfriend, I highly suggest avoiding the fake proposal. It will not only hurt her feelings, but you want this to be the best presentation you have of yourself to your future spouse. Make it special!

Source: https://positivearticles.com