Auto Dealers are Using Social Media to Reach Out and Manage New Consumers

As the effectiveness of traditional advertising methods (traditional methods include print advertising and TV advertising) are called into question more and more dealerships are turning to digital methods for promoting their dealerships. One of those digital methods is the use of social media sites. With so many social media networks out there it can be easy for dealerships to get overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a social media strategy. But ignoring the power of social media to reach out to consumers is a mistake dealerships can’t afford to make.

Connect With Your Consumers
A powerful aspect of social media is the ability to connect with consumers. An important thing to remember when using social media to connect with consumers is that consumers are not looking for things to be sold while on these networks. Rather they are looking for deeper relationships and connections with the brands they connect with.

While dealerships are connecting with consumers on social media networks, it is important to keep in mind who their audience is. An article in suggests that while reaching out to consumers, the best way for dealerships to connect is to first connect with their current consumers. These consumers have already purchased a good or service from them and are already familiar with their brand. Once they have reached out to current consumers, then it is time to reach out to potential consumers. While connecting with potential consumers, it is important to remember that the quality of followers is better than quantity. A dealership reaching out to three local consumers who will interact with and, in turn hopefully promote their brand are better than 1,000 followers who like or follow a dealer’s social media page and do nothing else.

Business2Community also suggests that if dealerships are having trouble gaining new followers, they should offer small incentives for consumers who engage with their social media page or pages. This is a simple yet effective tactic that allows dealerships to gain new followers who will actively engage with their brand.

Which Site is Right For Your Dealership?
Not all social media sites are created equally, and as such it is not as important for dealerships to be on every social media site. If a dealer’s social media strategy is to foster an online community where people can have a common place to talk about the dealership and share experiences, then Facebook is the place they’ll want to be. If a dealership simply wants to push content and information about their dealership, while fostering interactions with said content, then Twitter is their site. If a dealer wants to post photos of their inventory for their consumers to see, then Pinterest – a mostly visual social media network – is their answer.

Though, the best social media strategies for dealerships should include the use of some sort of combination of social media sites, which are used to reach out to consumers. According to Mongoose Metrics, 22% of dealerships already use both Facebook and Twitter in their social media strategies.

Instant Communication
Quite possibly the most powerful aspect of social media is the capability of instant communication. No longer do dealerships have to wait for their ads to show up in local newspapers or TV ads to promote upcoming sales or promotions. Now they can instantaneously update their fans or followers about upcoming events and promotions. It is this instant communication that is so essential to dealerships and their social media efforts. Instead of sending direct mail pieces that may or may not be opened, dealers have a way to reach out to consumers, and track the success of their messages. This is most likely the reason why according to a report done by CNW Research, around 41% of dealers in the U.S. use social media sites like Facebook to promote their dealerships.

Social media is a powerful tool that dealerships can no longer ignore. With their streamlined ability to reach out to consumers and promote brands, social media strategies should be a part of every dealership’s digital marketing efforts.