Autism And Society

Almost everyone knows something about Autism, heard the name or read something about its symptoms, but the true fact if the matter is that autism is not known and that it is kept only for the friends and families of those how are and have been affected by this condition.

In the widest and most general description Autism is a mental condition, mainly effecting the ability to communicate and focus attention on what sometimes seems like an inability to show affection and feeling towards others. One of the most popular ways of defining autism is that the autistic person is detached from the environment, it is like having a glass wall between you and the autistic who you are trying to communicate.

Autism has been the cause for many studies and a lot of experimentation, it has many scientists and psychologists working all their lives to try and understand this mystery better, to try and ease the suffering of the families and relatives of autistics everywhere, in getting this wall down, improving the communication and help improve that life quality of autistics.

There are different levels of autism, usually even before diagnosing the seriousness of the condition you can have several indications of the severity of the condition, many parents confirm that they already had an idea of some kind of neurological problem or a mental condition in their mind a few months after the baby was born. When a baby is diagnosed as suffering from autism the next step is to find a second opinion, not because the doctor might be wrong, but to reconfirm the diagnosis and to learn more about autism, as well as averaging the level of autism the person has.

The lake of social interaction abilities and the other symptoms of autism do not mean that autism equals retardation, as some autistics are highly skilled and many are in fact geniuses in many different areas, some autistic have phenomenal mathematical skills, it has been clearly proven that some autistic have a superior overall ability in math, as well as outstanding memory skills.

One of the recognizable and very unpleasant physical expressions of autism is that the autistic person has repetitive movements, even repeating a word or sentence, these movements and convulsions are one of the signs needed to define autism behavior, on top of the repetitive movements there are, sometimes catatonic behavior which is misinterpret by many who are not aware of autistic behavior.

The most important things the public has to learn is that with recent findings, autism has been found to be much more complex and that some experiments have resulted in communicating with people of different levels of autism, we should know and remember that they are not retarded and sometimes even gifted, that they are oversensitive to information and store it immediately, they are curious and intelligent and deserve attention just like any other person, it has also been found that although they are incapable of showing affection that certainly have deep and strong feelings.