Auctions: Online and Offline

Auctions are the most unique and valuable way of selling almost any type of personal property. They are publicly and privately seen in several contexts and almost anything can be sold at auction. Attending an auction is an experience that many people enjoy, even if they do not bid on items.

They are a great venue for commercial and residential real estate transactions, and are very organized and the rules are straightforward.

Many business and homeowners have found their ideal property by attending these auctions.

They can be quite frightening for the newcomer, and rightly so. It can be very intimidating placing your first bid, however you will become a pro in not time at all.

They are typically conducted Monday through Friday during normal business hours; however, private auctions can be held anytime, day or night. A private auction is by invitation only, and the bidders identities are hidden from the other bidders.

They can used to sell many things in addition to antiques and art. They can be used to sell items from estates of people who have passed, or they can be used to liquidate a business when it has closed.

Automobiles, boats, and motor homes are just a few types of items sold at auctions. Automobiles are auctioned off by insurance companies, usually twice a month. The cars do not necessarily Offline Auctions for seized property will typically be advertised with a notice in the classified section of large city newspapers, however you will probably have to search the paper for it.

The one thing that you should understand before attending an auction is that they typically move very fast. It is recommended that you attend a few just to learn the pace and bidding techniques. There will be far more experienced bidders placing their bids against you; it is a good idea to observe before you actually get involved in the bidding wars.

Although they have been around for thousands of centuries, their history is quite fascinating. Ancient Babylonians auctioned wives when they wanted a new one or tired of the one they had, the ancient Greeks auctioned whatever they dug out of their mines, and in addition to their notorious slave auctions, the Romans auctioned everything from war booty to debtors’ property, to the debtors themselves. It was a ruthless time and only the strongest survived.

Auctions have assisted people in obtaining items they want at a fraction of what the retail cost would be. They are a valuable asset that has been around for thousands of centuries and will continue to flourish.