ATV Stunts – Serious But Dangerous Fun

Riding an ATV can be an enjoyable hobby, with quite a bit of challenging and scenic trails around for exploration on your all-terrain vehicle. On certain occasions, though, people want to do a little more than just basic riding, but are searching for a larger thrill out of riding their all-terrain vehicle.

Competitively racing your all-terrain vehicle or trying to do ATV stunts can be exhilarating, but this type of sport also presents some dangers. In particular doing stunts with an ATV should not be attempted by someone that is new to riding. If your determined and your mind is set to learn to accomplish some ATV stunts, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account.

Learning To Ride

In order to engage in ATV stunts, you need to have the utmost control over your all-terrain vehicle. The bottom line is that we are not just talking about riding your all-terrain vehicle, but riding it often. The first thing would be to go riding on local trails and become proficient on them, from the starter trails to the more advanced ones.

If you are unable to handle yourself on difficult ATV trails, then you will certainly have problems if you attempt any stunts with your vehicle. The more practice you get on your all-terrain vehicle, controlling it will eventually become second nature to you. which is paramount when doing any kind of stunts.

Use Safety Equipment

It is obvious in a sport using all-terrain vehicles that you require the right safety equipment when trying to do ATV stunts. You want head to toe protection so a helmet is only a start. Make certain you have riding gloves and leathers when you practice your ATV stunts to lessen the chance of any injury anywhere on your body.

The riding outfits that people in the all-terrain vehicle sport wear is more than just simple clothing, they are the armor helps keep you from harsh scrapes as well as other injuries. Keep in mind, despite the fact that an all-terrain vehicle is small, it can accelerate to high speeds, which raises the odds of getting injuries from crashes.

Be Cautious

ATV stunts appear to be fun because they look dangerous, and it is not only appearances; they are in fact very dangerous. It is solely through quite a bit of careful work and practice that you will become proficient at it.

Individuals that choose to do ATV stunts on a professional basis made it to that level of skill not by being reckless, but by being cautious. Make certain to begin on a small level with your ATV stunts, only utilizing smaller type ramps if you are trying to do jumps or traveling at slow speeds while attempting to do wheelies.

Additionally, make certain that the conditions are as ideal as possible when attempting stunts. If the ground happens to be too slick and wet, you definitely should not think of attempting jumps. Remember that even ATV stunt riders who do this on a professional basis pay close attention to riding conditions prior to making any attempts at doing tricks.


In conclusion, traveling to ATV stunt shows can be an excellent method to familiarize yourself with the sport, even if you do not have any plans to do any type of stunts yourself. Observing the stunt riders, and even watching a few spills, can give you a greater appreciation of how challenging stunt riding can be and the skill required to do it. Also if you are fortunate, you may get the opportunity to speak with other stunt enthusiasts and find out about what they actually do to learn different tricks.

Keep in mind, start small, stay safe, and it will not be long before you have if you ATV stunts that you are able to do.