Attractiveness and relativity

The human mind always compares similar things to each other and as a result changes its perception of objects based on this relative comparison.
For example, one study has found that men find their wives less attractive right after watching an episode of Charlie’s Angels. In other words the presence of more attractive women can make less attractive woman less desirable.
While this might appear like a negative point still it has many advantages that people usually don’t notice.
Here they are:
• The available options affect the perception of attractiveness: if a person lives in a place that has few attractive people then the less attractive ones will appear more attractive simply because they are the ones available! That’s why in countries that has lower beauty standards people idolize those who are slightly attractive. In such a case the absence of very attractive ones made the slightly attractive ones look more attractive.
• Perception changes according to the situation: if you went to a new place, lets say a yoga class then the most attractive people in the class will appear very desirable even if they were not that attractive. Again the absence of very attractive people changed your perception of attractiveness and motivated you to pursue less attractive ones.
• Perception changes according to experience: the perception of beauty changes according to the experience. If a man lives in a country where lots of girls are blonde then there is a big possibility that he will find brunets more attractive. The same happens when we reverse the roles, if a man lives in a place where blondes are rare then he will find them more attractive than brunettes.
Physical Attractiveness is not absolute but the perception of attractiveness changes according to the past experience, available options and the situation you are in.