What you focus on will expand. What you consistently think about, you will bring into your life. You will attract into your life your most dominant thoughts. This is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is also called the “Law of Vibration,” and the “Law of Magnetism.”

Many times, you hear people say, “Be positive and don’t be negative.” They think that there may be a small benefit to being positive as opposed to being negative. The truth is, our thoughts are much more powerful than that.

By our own thoughts and actions we bring to ourselves courage or discouragement. Every day we have a choice. Yes, it is a choice. If a person chooses to go around all day thinking depressing thoughts, sighing at everything, criticizing everyone else, complaining, replying to everything in a depressed tone, will the result be a happy, positive successful person? Not in the least!

It is by our own thoughts and corresponding actions that we attract things into our lives. Whether the thoughts you think are good or bad, positive or negative, successful or unsuccessful, victory or failure, you determine your own results every day!

We have free will to choose. That is the way that the Creator designed human beings. We can choose to think whatever we want to think. We can also decide to change our mental attitude, and choose to think differently.

This may take a little effort, because we are all in the habit of thinking certain things. But with consistent effort, we can break those habits and establish new ones.

For example, think of a person who has a habit of complaining. This person, no matter what happens, always finds something to complain about. But, by making a deliberate effort, that person can stop complaining. They can choose to look for and think about the good things that are going on around them. They can choose to be grateful for the things that they do have.

Many people do not realize that what you focus expands. In other words, if you are always complaining, or looking for the things that are wrong, and then thinking about those things, you are literally attracting more of those things into your life.

Our minds were designed to find and attract that which we choose to think about and focus on. Think about it. Do you know people who complain and are negative all the time? What happens to them over and over again? Negative things consistently come their way. They fail. The cycle then repeats over and over again.

On the other hand, what do positive, successful people focus on? They think about and talk about positive and successful things. And in turn, what do they manifest in their lives? They consistently succeed.

Why does the same thing happen over and over, day after day? Because that is the way our minds were designed. The Law of Attraction works for everyone because it is a universal truth. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but it works just as effectively as the Law of Gravity.

As a matter of fact, a verse in the Bible describes it beautifully. This verse has been, and continues to be quoted over and over. (It seems to me that almost every self help book written might be based on this powerful truth.) The book of Proverbs says, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

What you consistently think about, you will bring into your life. You are today a result of the dominant thoughts that you have chosen to think and believe.

The good news is, you can change your world, your environment and your situation. Whatever you desire to change in your life starts with the thoughts you put in your mind.

It is in changing our thoughts that we will change our condition, our situation, and our circumstances. The choice is always yours!

Choose to succeed!