Attracting And Experiencing Abundance And Happiness

So many in our world today seem to lack in one or more of the 3 all encompassing areas of life, Money, Health and Relationships.

Why do you suppose that is? Do you believe that it’s because life is designed to be just the luck of the draw, and only a small percentage receive a winning hand?

Do you think that all that happens in your life is due to some predetermined plan set long before you arrived in this place we refer to as life?

Maybe you believe that in order to fully enjoy the goodness that the Universe has to offer is due to some physical action that you must take.

Although it is necessary to make yourself available to receive your desired outcomes, with the correct mindset, you can literally attract the people, circumstances, etc. that will allow you to, with seeming effortlessness, enjoy pleasing results in every area of your life.

What does Abundance and Happiness Mean To You?

For some it might mean having an ample supply of money. For others it might mean having optimal health. For still others it might mean being involved in fulfilling relationships. Although each is a distinct and different area of life, attracting and manifesting the desired outcomes in each area is based on the same immutable laws that will allow you to experience fulfillment in whichever area it is that you are trying to improve.

Manifesting The Desired Results

The steps required to change the current results in your life are….

* Accepting the fact that the results you are currently experiencing are your responsibility

* Developing an awareness of how these results are coming about

* Consciously taking the correct steps that will allow you to manifest different results.

By developing the understanding that regardless of what you are currently experiencing can be changed by changing the internal processes that are literally attracting to you, whatever those conditions might be, you will be well on the way to creating the Abundance and Happiness that you desire to experience.

It is by enabling yourself to break your focus from what appears to be happening on the outside and realizing that all things that are currently showing up in your life are merely the movie being played out that you have internally written the script for through your inner dialogue at some point in the past. If you desire to change the scenes of the movie, you are going to have to rewrite the script.

Each and every one of the events, conditions, and circumstances that you see unfold in your life each and every day are derived from what is going on within you, and it is through developing the ability to consciously and intentionally focus that internal process, that the events, conditions and circumstances that you most desire will ultimately show up in physical form. To simplify, what you think about you bring about, regardless of what those thoughts entail.

If the results that you are currently receiving aren’t producing what you claim that you want to see manifest in your life, it is going to be necessary to change first, the conscious thought process, which through consistency, will inevitably penetrate the ever so important subconscious processes that you may not even be aware are happening and are quite literally producing whatever it is that you are currently experiencing.

If your focus remains predominantly on lack and limitation, your external results will deliver and allow you to experience that which you are focused on, in this case lack and limitation. If you will take the time to develop the ability to visualize and conceptualize the desired outcomes that you want to see manifest in your life, the universe will happily deliver those results based on the predominant thoughts that you are allowing, and you will see them manifest in the external world.

The Universe was created to act and produce within a very simple, specific, predictable, unwavering, and incredibly accurate process that is actually very simple to understand. This process is based on “What you give to it, you receive back.” It is referred to as many things by the human population, such as what you sow you reap, cause and effect, karma, and law of attraction.

To assist in bringing more clarity let’s take the example of a seed. As you look at it you can observe it as having physical shape. Each seed has it’s own unique characteristics. Some are dark in color, some are light, some are flat some are round. Still others are oblong. Some have spots, some stripes. Regardless of their shape they have a specific purpose for their existence, and can only produce in relation to that which they were designed to produce. As varying as these seeds are in size, shape, and kind, the process that enables the growth of each is identical regardless of the type of seed.

When you plant a tomato seed in the garden, you can be assured that you will receive a tomato at some point in the future. To plant a tomato seed with the expectation of receiving a cucumber would be ludicrous.

Like the garden, the universe is the infinite planting field that produces your outcomes based on the specific seeds that you are planting within it. If you plant seeds of lack and limitation and ponder on them (nurture them), the results can only materialize in physical form based on the seed that was planted.

Seeds of lack and limitation can only produce lack and limitation. Seeds of unhealthy relationships can only produce unhealthy relationships. Seeds of poor health can only produce undesirable health conditions.

Any other outcome is absolutely impossible, and would go against the very basis of creation and the unwavering laws of the Universe.

Is there any doubt in your mind? If so go to your local store and buy a packet of seeds. Any kind, it really doesn’t matter. Now take them home and plant them in a small pot with some fertilizer and every day when you are reminded to do so, look at your soon to be plant and visualize and focus on it becoming something other than what you know it is that you planted. You will find that regardless of how hard you try to change what the seed produces, it is going to produce in relation to the seed planted.

Your life is exactly the same way. If you plant seeds of worry or fear your results are going to consist of more of that which you worry about or have fear of. Each and every action that you perform in your life is going to produce an outcome, and that outcome is based on the specific seeds that you are planting.

The Universe cannot deliver outcomes contrary to the seeds that are being planted within it.

What Seeds Are You Currently Planting?

Have you recently given any thought to what seeds you are currently planting? I’m not talking about a momentary passing thought, but really digging down and thinking about and dissecting the minute to minute thoughts that you think on the deepest levels, and becoming conscious of your internal process as you contemplate each area.

Which areas of your life would you like to experience improvement. Is it money? Health? Relationships? All three?

Remember, until you have done the necessary internal work, and become conscious of the results that you are currently producing and how it is that you are producing them, your external results are going to remain the same regardless of what it is you try and regardless of what those circumstances may consist of.

Your thoughts combined with the emotions that they create equate to the actions which you are taking and are THE determining factor as to the results that you are seeing and are going to continue to see until you change the internal processes which are creating them. Your thoughts and emotions are the seed, and your life experiences are the harvest.

What are you currently creating in your life?

You Have Been Provided The Free Will As Well As The Ability To Create Your Desired Outcomes.

Develop the awareness of how to change the internal processes that are creating your current external results, and you will have discovered the key to consciously creating those results that you most desire for your life.

Develop the discipline to apply your new awareness and your life will reflect one of Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity.

Abundance and Happiness really is attainable IF you know how.

Now You Do.

© Chuck Danes. All rights reserved worldwide.