Attract Abundance: Your Well-being and Happiness will Attract Abundance

Well-being is one of the most confusing concepts in our society today. Many people do not understand what it is or how to achieve it. And most people honestly do not feel that their well-being can affect their ability to prosper or attract abundance in their lives.

Well-being is always first when we choose to live in abundance. Our level of wellness determines how much of our human potential we can use to accomplish goals and our life’s purpose. Although exercise and eating the best foods for the body are crucial to our health and our vitality, the mental aspects of our being is just as crucial.

The man or woman who thinks well also lives well and this is well-being. This thinking necessary to achieve well-being requires that we study and open ourselves to truth, meaning, and purpose. Through this study, we are able to understand the world and our lives in it in ways which go beyond what we can see with our eyes. And in this study we will find the science of well-being.

So, how is well-being and happiness related to abundance? Well-being is wondrous state of being. In fact, a better way to see it is that well-being is about “being happiness.” It is not something that we turn on and off depending on how our day goes. It is a continuous state of being. Nothing can affect it but our thoughts and expectations. This continuous state of vibrancy attracts wealth, success, optimal health, love, and empowering relationships—and this is abundance.

As a result of this state of well-being, we are in direct alignment with prosperity, hope, kindness, elation, joy, and vitality which are all the ingredients for abundance. That means we must think well and expect goodness in order to attract abundance.

On the other hand, the moment we become bogged down with the fetters of life and trying to control situations and people our state of well-being is interrupted. This interruption is the result of our thoughts, expectations, and eventually our actions.

How can we remain in a state of well-being and happiness? We can accomplish this by speaking joy into our lives and letting go of trying to control people and situations. Our intentions must always be for goodness and our expectations must be for goodness. When we are aligned with goodness, our vibration changes and we become a magnet for all things good.

As such, if this requires that you change your posture, then you should change your posture. If it requires that you change your ideas, then you should change your ideas. If it requires that you change your words, then you should change your words. Whatever it takes to align yourself with well-being, for the sake of prosperity, hope, vitality, and joy; just do it.

When it is all said and done those things that bring you to a state of well-being and happiness will be the very things that bring abundance into your life. Give up hurt, give up worry, give up control trying to control people, give up trying to control situations, and watch your state of well-being become one of joy and elation. This joy and elation is the stuff of which abundance is made.