Attitude is EVERYTHING

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the four American GI’s who were soldiers during WWII. They were driving along a narrow dirt road in a standard-issue Army jeep. They were suddenly attacked from all sides, and to make a bad situation worse they came across a large tree blocking the road and their only route to escape. The road was too narrow to allow the jeep to turn around, but the soldiers knew without a doubt that their only chance was to get their vehicle turned around so they could escape.

Knowing they had only one chance at survival, they jumped out of the jeep and each of the four young men took a corner. While being fired upon, together they lifted the jeep into the air and turned it around so that it pointed back the way they had come. They jumped back into the jeep and raced through as a barrage of bullets flew by. Miraculously they escaped with none of them sustaining a single hit.

When they returned to their camp, they excitedly shared their incredible story. Their fellow soldiers laughed in disbelief. They ‘knew’ there was no way four guys could lift a jeep and turn it around with their bare hands. Their friends challenged them to prove what they claimed they had done.

The four soldiers surrounded a jeep and each took a corner and attempted to lift it. They grunted and groaned and strained and were unable to lift a single corner of the jeep again.

Where did four young men get the strength of ten? When they believed they had NO CHOICE, they were able to lift the jeep and turn it around with ease. With the same arms, legs, backs, and muscles, they were able to do something that later they were completely unable to do. What was the difference? It was all in their THINKING, their unshakable belief that their very lives depended on their ability to lift and turn the jeep, and their unwavering conviction that they would be able to do it.

The doubt shared by their fellow soldiers, combined with the passing of the immediate danger and the adrenaline rush that came with that danger, took away the ability of the four young men to repeat their feat.

What could you accomplish if you had NO DOUBT? What if you had an unshakeable, unwavering belief in your abilities? What if you knew you HAD to accomplish your goals or you’d die trying? What abilities and strengths do you have that are just waiting to be tapped?

BELIEVE with all your heart, mind, and soul that you have no choice but to be successful!