Attic Renovation Plan Some Notes To Remember Before Starting On One

Attic Renovation Plan, Just Some Notes to Remember

As a homeowner, it is always our goal to modify things in the house, may it be as simple as changing room decorations, building extra rooms, or you might have an attic renovation plans.

Attic renovation could be fun and challenging. Because of its shape, it could be used in many ways one could ever imagine. But depending on what you want to be done, there are some considerations that you have to bear in mind before starting on one.

Permission in Planning
If you plan to build an extension or do grand conversions, or you might also want to build something new alongside the old one, such projects will require you to get a planning permission. In doing so, you should submit your application for this purpose to your local government and allow a period of six to eight weeks for them to review and act on it.

Once approved, this is then subjected to the appeals from the local residents. If the project gets no resistance, then you will get the permission. This permit is valid for three years. If you haven’t started the project by that period of time for whatever reasons, you have to go through the same process all over again.

Allowed Changes
This is popularly known as permitted development allowance which is what the local government has set for homeowners to add volume on their property. The size of this is from 50 to 70 cubic meters. This all depends on what type of residence you have.

If on the plan you see that you won’t exceed the given allowance, then you might skip this part because you no longer need their authorization.

Meanwhile, if you already made changes in your property in the past and you wish to make more, you have to calculate first how much space have you left from the allowed area by subtracting the size of the previous project.

Project Design
This is an exciting step as you would already see on paper what you envision for the place to be once it’s done. For this, you may hire a professional and make your suggestions as to what you want to see on the outcome or if it’s not that complicated, you may want to try designing the project by yourself.

Protect Yourself
In any part of the house that you want to be modified, the first thing that you think about is your safety. Before hiring out contractors to start on the project, check every detail, the security measures available, the exits and entrances, the railings, if the outcome would be child-friendly, especially of you have kids at home. Think of every possibility and decide on the best options available to keep your home secured.

Light and Temperature
Make sure that the attic would be well-ventilated, so as to avoid problems regarding such in the future. Design it in a way that it has enough windows where air can circulate. Also see about its lighting condition. If the place won’t get good exposure from the natural light, install lighting fixtures that are appropriate to its size.

When you have checked all the listed things above, then you can proceed with you attic renovation plan. These are only reminders that you have to keep in mind to ensure the proper flow of events once the project has started.