Attic Conversions

Attic Conversions

Attic conversion is the fastest way to turn storage space into living space. Once you have figured out what to do with, you can begin planning and then implementing it.

One of things you have to work on in this room is insulation. This is because the attic is usually not well insulated unlike the other sections in the house. You will need to talk to a professional how to make up for this deficiency.

Chances are you will have to put additional layers of insulation including a drywall to cover the wooden frame that is left exposed. Once these two layers have been installed, this will become warm since the cold is kept out.

Since it could get too hot here during the summer, you should provide proper venting. This helps prolong roof life and make the room more comfortable. One way is by constructing a continuous ridge along the roof rafters. The other is to make fixed grilles.

If you choose to use fixed grilles, keep in mind that building codes require you to make the total area of the opening to be at least 1/300 of the total square feet of space that is going to be ventilated. There are three types of these available namely rectangular, round and perforated. The most affordable of these is round.

The next thing you have to work on is the wall. You can use either cheap drywall pieces or wood paneling. Since the room is quite small, you should add windows to improve the lighting in the room. The wiring can surely come from a nearby power outlet one floor below.

To save on electricity during the day, you can install a skylight so you can also lie there at night and look at the stars in the sky.

You should also think about the flooring. You can still use wood or replace these with tiles. Since this could feel cold when you step here, one solution is to put a decorative rug over it which also insulates the room.

Another thing that is related to flooring and part of attic conversion is accessibility. If the only way here was through a trap door or a pull down stairs, you will have to change it because this is prohibited. This has to be changed with stairs that is permanent measuring 2 feet by 6 feet that has handrails on both sides. You can also have only one handrail as long as the other side is opposite the wall.

To make this happen, you might have to do some work downstairs by sacrificing a portion of an existing room or closet.

Once these three details have been worked on, you can already work on the small details. This includes putting shelves on the small spaces along the walls and bringing up some furniture. Just makes sure that this will support the walls and floors.

Attic conversions are fun. You should just get a building permit from the mayor’s office, have your blueprints ready and make sure that everything is up to code when someone drops by to inspect it. After you have acquired all the paperwork and found a contractor that can do the job that is within your budget, you will soon have additional living space to your already beautiful home.