Attacking High Cholesterol without Medication

Are you suffering from high cholesterol? Do you long for a way to lower cholesterol without medication? Are you certain that there must be a natural remedy for high cholesterol that doesn’t involve a trip to your local pharmacist?

Many people who have high cholesterol (blood cholesterol over 200mg/dl) have found great success in combating their conditions using natural cures. These range from foods, vitamins, and lifestyle changes and can significantly lower cholesterol without the need for high cholesterol drugs like Lipitor.

The Case for Natural High Cholesterol Remedies

First, let’s discuss why organic treatments for high cholesterol sufferers are recommended, even by the medical community.

Obviously, the fewer medications you ingest, the better it is for your overall well being. Many people hate to take even NSAIDS; they prefer to keep their bodies free from any foreign or artificially manufactured substances. Even those with high cholesterol who have been told by their physicians that medications are the only way to reduce their LDL (“bad cholesterol”) numbers are unconvinced that drugs are their only answer.

And with good reason. Many prescription medications may indeed work to lower cholesterol levels, but their side effects can seriously impact high cholesterol sufferers’ way of life. Some cause heart palpitations, while others interact with medications the high cholesterol patient may already be taking on a regular basis. Thus, if an organic, wholesome way to deal with lower cholesterol is available, who wouldn’t try it?

Vitamin C

One of the most effective ingredients that naturopathic doctors have found in combating high cholesterol has been Vitamin C. Long known for its health-promoting properties, Vitamin C seems to have a lasting effect on the body and in the bloodstream.

Best of all, you can find Vitamin C fairly easily, as many foods contain it, while others, including juices and dairy products, have been fortified with the vitamin. If you’re a high cholesterol patient who needs to take a limited diet, there are nutritional supplements available that contain vitamin C.

Exercises to Lower Cholesterol

Looking to lower cholesterol and possibly lose a few pounds in the process? If you aren’t already exercising moderately three to four times per week for thirty minutes each day, it’s time to start. Many individuals who have been told they have high cholesterol can find that, in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise has an amazing effect.

Again, always make sure to discuss any high cholesterol lowering options with your family physician before embarking on a natural treatment plan. He or she will be able to assist you in figuring out the best doses for your body type and your health concerns. And you’ll soon be celebrating your lowered cholesterol rating with a mug of Vitamin C loaded orange juice and a brisk walk around the park!