Attaching Things to a Scrapbook with Adhesives

Scrapbooking involves attaching many different elements to tell a story. This may include memorabilia, clippings, stickers, photographs, and other imaginative decorations. A well-done scrapbook pulls it all together into a single cohesive element which tells a story, and reflects the unique style of the creator. Unlike normal photo albums, a scrapbook can involve many different art forms, including personal craftwork. A scrapbook is like an enhanced photo album that can tell a story without anyone being there to explain it. Thus it’s value as a historical creation for future generations.

The create a scrapbook that is truly a heirloom, you need careful planning and ensuring you have quality materials when you obtain adhesives, paper, and protectors. Adhesives are a very important decision, as the wrong ones can ruin your precious photos for any other types of uses. A poor adhesive can actually damage your photo over years, especially if it has acid content. Over time that acid eats away at the photos finish.

If you have browsed scrapbook supplies at the store or on websites, you know the choices can be overwhelming. How do know what to choose? Here’s some advice for you.

Hermafix – You can roll this adhesive onto the paper, it’s very easy to use and fast.

Photo Tabs – These work well for affixing photos as they won’t damage it. You just have to use care in laying it out on the page.

Glue Sticks – Don’t use these on photos, but is fine for other items you want to stick on the page that otherwise won’t stick.

Make sure whatever you use is always acid-free, and try to protect your photos. It will even help if you seek out acid-free ink. Avoid using regular scotch tape, as it will not last.

Don’t you want your scrapbook memories to last forever? Making sure every piece is done right will help you with this goal, and protect your important memories. The hard work will be worth it in the end, and you’ll be proud of what you have created!