Assisting a Coworker with High Blood Pressure Treatment

It’s a somewhat awkward situation, but it happens in the workplace on a regular basis: You’ve just learned that a coworker has been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

In an understandable state of panic, he comes to you as a teammate and friend, asking if you understand high blood pressure treatment options or have some ideas on how he or she can overcome their high blood pressure symptoms. Though you’re familiar with the condition, you may be at an initial loss. So, the following useful guide has been created to help you help someone else.

If you’re the coworker’s subordinate…

Your boss is the one with high blood pressure symptoms, so you can start your assistance by removing stressful obstacles in his or her way. If you’re a personal assistant, you can try to screen calls or offer to open non-confidential mail in order to take the first “blows”. On the other hand, you could always try to limit your own stress-inducing behavior by completing tasks on time and with proficiency – and so you yourself can become a high blood pressure treatment.

You can also encourage your supervisor to begin a vitamin C regimen to detoxify his or her system. For many years, holistic health professionals and naturopaths have recommended vitamin C as a high blood pressure treatment. The vitamin C assists in clearing and unclogging the bloodstream, thus tackling high blood pressure at the source.

If you’re the coworker’s teammate…

You and your coworker are on “equal footing” in this scenario, so you might be able to recommend more specific blood pressure treatment options since you won’t be worried about the hierarchy of the work management chain and how that could affect you corporately.

Take the coworker aside during lunch and ask him at length about his high blood pressure symptoms and treatment that has been recommended by his primary doctor. You can also suggest that he begin taking CoQ10 and taurine supplements in addition to any medications for high blood pressure treatment. Studies have shown that these items are highly effective in some patients for reducing high blood pressure symptoms significantly.

If you’re the coworker’s superior…

Should a subordinate employee come to you to discuss his high blood pressure treatment options, you may be wise to invite the human resources director in on your conversation. That way, you and the HR pro may be able to effectively help the coworker deal with high blood pressure symptoms and possible work-related causes, such as a great deal of overtime or very stressful assignments.

However, it’s critical not to treat the employee with “kid gloves”; otherwise, you could be accused in the future of discrimination because of his high blood pressure symptoms. There is also the issue of admitting “guilt” in any future litigation that may arise as the company’s culpability in your employee’s high blood pressure. Instead, make sure you simply advocate a positive change in order to help along a coworker’s high blood pressure treatment options.

In the end, it shouldn’t be difficult to provide some manner of support to a coworker with high blood pressure symptoms. Just being available to him during this troubling period may be all the treatment he needs.