Ask The Experts To Remap Your Vehicle

Every motor manufactured is automatically fitted with an engine control unit which is in control of the electronic parts of the vehicle, its job is to maintain these parts and enable the motor runs as efficiently as possible. However, the ECU isn’t always tuned in to its best capability and can be upgraded for a better and smoother ride. Known as remapping, the engine is customized by a professional to improve the brake horse power and fuel consumption of the motor.

Why isn’t the ECU optimised to begin with before it is sold? This is a common question and the reasoning behind it is that the manufacturers base the settings on the conditions and climate to accommodate all kinds of environments. The issue with this is obvious as conditions vary from place to place, however, remapping can resolve this as it tunes your car to suit your environment and results in making the whole driving experience safer and smoother.

It’s necessary to get a trained mechanic to do this for you as it takes skill and technical equipment. The mechanic obtains an outputted report on the vehicle and uses this information to make the necessary improvements in fine tuning the cars engine.

Driving your car after it has been retuned the changes will be subtle but noticeable. For example, on acceleration the car speeds up much quicker than before which makes overtaking safer, and as the ride is smoother you’ll need to change gears less which means that less fuel is used, a remap will save you money on gas and maintenance on the vehicle.

You can find leading UK provider’s of advanced diesel tuning technologies online, ask them to complete a custom written ECU file tailored to your vehicle and your specific needs. It will increase your car’s break horse power, (BHP), and torque by up to 35%, the horsepower that an engine produces determines the maximum rate of acceleration of the car and the top speed of the car. The other major benefit is an improvement in fuel consumption sometimes by as much as 20%.

A lot of research and development has gone into the technology for retuning and the outcome leads to a car that feels clean and easy to drive, is a lot more responsive with reduced flat spots and has a smoother delivery of power right through the rev range.

Remapping is relatively easy to organize, for a start you don’t have to find alternative transport for a week until the work is complete, and it’s affordable. Wherever you’re based in the UK the professionals should come to you, so you don’t even need to take time off work or travel to the nearest town to sort it out. It can all be accomplished at home, or drive to work and let them deal with the car there if that makes life easier for you, and as it only takes a few hours the technician will be finished before you have even noticed! Most service’s can also arrange to collect your car from wherever you choose to complete the retune if that’s more convenient, then once it’s done they’ll return it.

Opt for a combination remap and you’ll get excellent performance and fuel efficiency, a huge improvement on your vehicle’s general performance. Make sure you select a service that doesn’t use off the shelf, generic or library remap files as they can ruin the engine and cause all kinds of problems, each diesal remap should be specifically for your vehicle.

If you’re interested in finding out more, begin today by contacting leading suppliers of sophisticated chip tuning technologies and ask for a custom written ECU file.