Ask A Roof Cleaning Company The Following Questions!

Choosing a good roof cleaning company is not as easy as just doing a quick search in the Yellow Pages and picking the nearest one in your area. That is, if you want to make sure that your roof cleaning is going to be carried out by licensed professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

Scams are rife in the roof cleaning industry. Many businesses start the process of cleaning, of course after taking a deposit, never to finish the job. What you’re left with is a botched job that no other roof cleaning company wants to touch. But, following some simple checks would have saved you from the disaster.

Important aspect of selecting a roof cleaning company is its legal and formal standing. Although, it’s basically more about any unpleasant consequences that the lack of thereof could cause in case of any misfortune… Just imagine a worker hurting himself while repairing your roof; the insurance claim would have the potential to ruin you. That’s why, before entering any negotiations with your roof cleaning company, you must ask them about their comprehensive insurance, whether they’re bonded, and if their workers are covered by the workmans’ compensation.

Another factor of critical importance is the quality of the chemicals being used by your roof cleaning company. Yes, they have to be environmentally friendly. Yes, they should have a low toxicity. If you allow them to use whatever they like, some roof cleaning companies will resort to the cheapest and most harmful products. You’ll notice the difference watching your lawn dying, and your skin covered in allergy rash.

You’ll notice some unease when you ask your roof cleaning company about the details of the chemicals they use. Why? Probably because they try to cut corners here, and rely on the cheapest products they can source. It’s one of their way to increase the profit. This may be not so common with the larger operators, often supervised by their professional bodies. Also, contravening OSHA and EPA rules may prove more costly to a large roof cleaning company than to a small operator.

One unfortunate reality that not every roof cleaning company will tell you, is that the most effective cleaning comes from the use of very toxic substances. It is your responsibility to try to minimize the impact of these chemicals on the surroundings. Naturally, you and all other inhabitants should stay clear while your roof cleaning company is doing the job.

Is your roof covered by fiberglass material? If yes, you need to get your roof cleaning company do the job almost on a yearly basis. Why? Because algae and fungi thrive on it. Yes, this particular roofing material is cheap and versatile. But, its lack of resistance to the natural elements, makes the maintenance costs that more expensive. How do you know when it’s the time to get a roof cleaning company foe the job? You’ll notice how your shingles progresively discolor, and become to look unsightly.

One other often overlooked aspect is that the growth of the algae turning the roof black will mean that the roof will not be able to reflect the heat. Consequently more effort is required by your air-conditioner to keep you comfortable, and an increased power bill.

Who wants to live in a house that has its roof dirty? Nobody. What your visitor and neighbors will say, looking at your black splattered roof? Besides, you will feel better appreciating how much difference one roof cleaning company, doing its job properly can make. And when you put up your house for sale, the buyers will appreciate the level of care that is so glaringly obvious.

Regardless of your financial circumstances, try not to save on the necessary maintenance work on your home. Roof cleaning is one of the most important preventive meassures. Don’t ignore it!