Asian Wedding Theme

Asian Wedding Theme: A Union of Souls, A Union of Cultures

A continuing trend of merging cultures has run even into the wedding industry. More and more, couples have been opting for something more fashionable yet unique. This then points us towards recreating two or even several cultures using good judgment and excellent materials into one.

An Asian wedding theme possesses a different atmosphere that could be used during a wedding. While you may not be a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Catholic, you still could use the ideas portrayed by the tradition and components covered by Asian traditions and cultures.

The food
One of the basic issues with any wedding theme is the type of food to serve. Of course, you would not only serve Asian food because you only want to follow the theme you have chosen but also to provide something that would aesthetically stimulate your taste buds. Asian cuisine is known for its genuine dedication towards taste and flavor. There is virtually thousands of Asian cuisine you could choose from. Your choice of menu would be largely dependent on the specific theme you have adapted for your wedding.

The general theme
While we consider it an Asian theme wedding, you must still choose a single general idea you would want to project unless you expect your wedding to assert the position of a “chopseuy”, something that is totally way out of arrangement. It is, in its nutshell sense, a combination of anything and everything you could think of.

Thus, you have to choose something more defined. Say for example you would want your Asian wedding theme to be solely focused on Japanese culture and tradition with a twist of European touches. Or, you could also choose to have a Chinese-themed wedding that you can modify into something European or American.

The wedding dress
As with all other wedding themes, you should also consider the coordination of wedding dress designs and over-all costumes with your general concept. Say, if you want Chinese wedding theme then the best choices for a wedding dress are those that are made of silk with lavish colors, decorated with golden thread or images of dragons, Chinese characters and others. As for a Japanese or Korean wedding theme, it is best to make use of kimono-like wedding dresses. In fact, you can even choose to use the exact wedding dresses women from these parts of the world uses during their traditional wedding ceremonies.

The hair arrangements and other ornamentations must also be in line with the over-all concept. Normally, Asian wedding themes require brides to have their hair arranged using the intricate patterns of Korean women or with the use of a headdress that is generously designed with Asian motifs. For more ideas, you could try searching for Chinese, Japanese or other Asian-influenced head gears.

Wedding ceremony
Whether you will conduct the ceremony in a church or somewhere else, you must be keen with the use of certain ornamentations that could actualize the use of the Asian wedding theme. If your church puts some restrictions as to the use of decorations, you could maximize the decors in your reception area.

The venue
Your choice of a lace wherein you are to conduct a venue must also coordinate with your over-all theme. For example, a Japanese wedding could most likely fit with a Japanese garden or a Chinese wedding could be best held in an authentic Chinese restaurant that projects tradition.