Article Submission Tool – Its Place In Article Marketing

Article submission tool enjoys a celebrity status with internet marketers especially among those who market with articles. It basically makes it easier for an online author to submit articles that would have otherwise been tedious when done manually. Article marketing has been an old workhorse of internet marketing and is still very effective in today’s internet marketing arena. Online entrepreneurs and website owners are missing out a huge chunk of targeted traffic if they do not make article submission a good part of their website promotion strategy. It is even worse if they are marketing with articles manually without the help of an article submission tool.

Article submission is an important step of article marketing with or without article submission tool. Even if you have written an excellent article, without sufficient exposure, it is worthless to you. No traffic means no sales and sign ups. Period! So submitting your articles cannot be overlooked. There are reasons why article submission to many article directories is useful and a must for maximum exposure. Article marketing is a numbers game. Whether you like it or not, the truth is the more article directories you submit to, you effectively increase the chance of your articles getting picked up by webmasters.

Webmasters are constantly looking for fresh and informational content for their websites. And article directories are a good source that continually supplies good content. So webmasters would always hang around the top article directories and even smaller niche directories, to search for articles packed with quality content. If you plan to submit to only a few article directories, your articles do not get noticed. So, spreading your net wider is the way to go! The result would be more webmasters publish your article and this is the sneaky part – they include your resource box link pointing to your website. So their website visitors also become yours.

Do you begin to see the power of submitting to a large number of article directories for instant, targeted and buying traffic? But wait, there is a problem with doing that without using an article submission tool. It can take hours and even days to submit one article to hundreds of article directories. And this means that we can only submit at the very most, one article in a week or within a few days at best. The time spent is one issue you have to grapple with. Another issue is it can be very tedious and the whole process can really be monotonous to the point that you wonder what you are doing for the whole day!

In the internet marketing world, there are often smart solutions to every problem. In this case, there are article submission tools available to take the load of article submission. One is to pay for article submission service such as using iSnare or Article Marketer to do the job. It sounds good that you can finally shake the submission process of articles off your back. But you now have to end up paying these services every month to submit articles. The more affordable option is to use an article submission tool or software to do the job. Article submission tools can really help you to speed up the submission process so that you can focus your time on writing more quality articles. And the best part is most article submission tools in the software format only carry a one-time price tag. You can submit unlimited number of articles once you buy it.

Submitting articles with article submission tool makes it a breeze. The versatility and affordability of article submission tools are reasons why online marketers use them everyday in their internet marketing efforts. In fact, most would agree that they feel handicapped without this tool in their toolkits. With so many different article submission tools in the market, it can be challenging to decide which suits you best. Find out more about the top and most popular article submission tools marketing gurus use to make explosive sales each day.