Article Marketing Principles That Create Massive, Permanent Results

I first heard of article marketing several years ago from a friend of mine, and when I did, I was skeptical of its value. It seemed as if you would have to create so many articles to really benefit from article submissions that it would be beyond the scope of a normal person to get any real results.

Eventually, I stumbled into some information that changed my mind, and I decided to give article marketing a try. What happened was nothing short of phenomenal. I created more than a thousand leads in 2 months for my online business and I generated more than twenty five thousand visitors to my site. The reason I was able to produce such quick and lasting results was because of and understanding of 3 principles of online traffic creation that were being missed by people who were trying to win with articles but were failing for one reason or another. Here are the foundational principles of winning with article marketing:

1. When you’re writing your articles, target one specific keyword phrase only. Too many people write articles and they try to get people in all sorts of niches reading the same article. The fact is that you should concentrate the entire text of one article towards one keyword phrase, and write a new article for each specific search you target. This will produce dramatically better rankings in the search engines and more long term rankings on your sites. The foundational concept here is to FOCUS your content.

2. Write with your personality, and don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. To many people’s writing bores me to tears with repetition and lack of personality. The foundational concept is simply to be yourself. Both search engines and article directories love original content and will reward you for it.

3. Make your opt in box specifically targeted towards the audience that you’re marketing to. In other words, don’t have an article about pony training and then try to sell a business opportunity to your readers. This not only annoys article directories, it simply doesn’t work very well. I know that’s a dramatic example, but you get the point.

4. Promote your content in as many legitimate channels as you can. This is actually the secret that allowed me to create massive traffic and visitors to my site in such a short time. I promote every article I create with videos, article syndication, social bookmarking, and I broadcast it on my twitter and facebook accounts. The social networks, video sharing sites, social bookmarkers, and article syndication gives me immediate traffic before my rankings kick in, and it makes everything I do dramatically more effective. I suggest you try it.

There you go my friends! Work your content through a promotion formula and keep the other principles in mind for dramatic, lasting, and dynamic results.