Article Marketing Guidelines for Dummies

Most savvy webmasters know that article marketing is an effective way to build organic traffic. Article marketing offers many advantages, it offers a great way to optimize your web site and build communities based on a specific idea but it also helps you be perceived as an expert in your field.

Just like we need water to live, the internet needs fresh and relevant content to survive. The beauty of it is that content from every corner of the globe is needed everyday, so regardless of your expertise, you may be able to share valuable experiences, recommendations, etc.

Article marketing has the power to send targeted and highly qualified traffic to your site since prospects are attracted by the content you are providing resulting in better conversions and customer acquisition.

Achieving a goal worth something is never easy, article marketing involves work and effort in order to see results. The first thing you will need is constant and quality content. It is very common that webmasters do not want to write their own articles but relying in yourself is actually the best way to provide valuable information.

Paying ghost writers is an option but keep in mind that not everybody will have the same experiences and not everyone shares the same way of thinking. If you decide to write articles then remember to read them at least once before you post them, this will help you avoid duplicate words and will help you craft a great excerpt.

It is also important to keep in mind that a paragraph is not a chunk of lines put together, it is actually a way to format and articulate your thoughts. Just imagine how hard it would be to read this article if everything was shown as an unformatted block of text, it would surely keep you from reading the content of it, regardless of it’s quality. Another important but often overlooked step is using a spell checker tool to avoid grammatical errors which would make you look like a total amateur.

Now that we understand the basics lets move on to more important matters. Many webmasters make the horrible mistake of promoting their products, web sites or services in their article body. This action defeats the purpose or article writing and will cause readers to avoid the content you provide.

Nobody wants to be sold on an article which is supposed to provide quality information, so if you have a site which sells electronics then write about the features and uses of such items. Avoid writing sentences which will make you sound like an advertising, in other words don’t say “My site this, and my site that”, people are not attracted to web site names but to the content they provide.

Do not over optimize the article body mentioning specific keywords over and over. This practice will get you to the land of banned authors and you will loose a great opportunity to increase your site’s ranking. Imagine how you would feel if I used a phrase like “article marketing” 10, 15 or 20 times throughout the article body!, it would surely make me think bad of the web site in question and will make the author sound even worse. If you want to optimize something, then optimize the article title!, you would be amazed to know how a good title can bring you more traffic than keyword density and anchor text optimization.

Getting quality content is not an impossible task but if you prefer to dig holes instead of writing articles it is best for you to outsource your work and let a professional do it, this way you will create a great impression and you will have more time to further develop your site.