Article Marketing and The Power of Proliferation

The power of proliferation…it’s a simple web site promotion concept with amazing results. Submit high quality articles to article directories and watch your web site traffic increase as your articles proliferate. Read on to learn why article marketing works and how you can take advantage of this dynamic web site promotion strategy.

Search engines use bots to scour the internet and index the vast number of web pages found by the content hungry bots. Using complicated algorithms, each search engine categorizes and ranks the billions of web pages discovered by their bots. The algorithms are highly complex, unique and essentially the “secret sauce” of each search engine. In spite of their complexity, they all use some fundamental processes for ranking each website. The basic building blocks of these algorithms are link popularity and link quality. The concepts are relatively simple. In a nutshell, the number of links pointing to your web site and the quality of those links determines the importance of your web site and greatly influences your ranking within the search engines. Search engines view each link pointing to your site as a “vote” and the more votes your web site receives, the higher the rankings! The more prominent the site is that points to your web site, the stronger the vote. To improve your search engine ranking and ultimately boost traffic, increase your link popularity and the quality of incoming links. More on that in a moment; but first please allow a short detour to explain a foundational matter.

When building a home, the foundation must be built on solid ground. Similarly, your journey to build link popularity should only begin after your website foundation is firmly rooted. How do you build this foundation? Onpage optimization builds a solid foundation. Onpage optimization involves tweaking aspects on or within your web site that search engines use in part to influence your web site’s ranking. Two important factors are the quantity and quality of your content. Size does matter – the more content your web site has the better. Quality also matters – your content must be concise, keyword rich and user friendly. Build this foundation solidly first or your efforts to build link popularity will be for naught.

Now back to link popularity and quality – offpage optimization involves improving factors that are not located on or within your web site that search engines use to determine your ranking. Link popularity and link quality are two important offpage optimization factors. To reiterate, link popularity simplistically is the number of web sites on the internet that have a link pointing to your web site. Essentially, these are votes of credibility for your website. Link quality is the page rank, significance, anchor text and several other factors of the sites that link to you. Think of this in terms of how strong the vote is for your site. You may be wondering, how this all relates to the title “Article Marketing and The Power of Proliferation”. Bear in mind, you must understand the concepts of link popularity and link quality to fully appreciate the power of article marketing.

Article marketing is a proven strategy for boosting your link popularity. Here’s why. Each article you prepare for distribution will include a short resource box at the end of the article that includes a link to your web site. Post the article to multiple article directories and you get a free one-way link back to your web site. Clearly this is better than a link exchange because you get a one-way link. Choose your anchor text wisely and you can improve your link quality too. Think of it as a double edged sword – one strategy to improve both link popularity and link quality. Submit each article to several hundred article directories and you get a free one-way link back to your web site from every article directory. Think about it. Hundreds of free one-way links and you control the anchor text! By the way, there are tools to automate the submission process and help you get you ahead of the competition. Follow the link at the bottom of this article for more information on tools.

But wait, there’s more. Truly informative and compelling articles will get an added boost by “The Power of Proliferation”. Many web masters are in desperate need for additional content for their web sites, newsletters, and e-zines to build their foundation. You can capitalize on this need and supply the content via informative articles. As more web masters post your content, you get more free one-way links. As your articles proliferate, you will begin to see more traffic coming from the embedded links within your articles. This organic traffic is not dependent on search engines. If your articles proliferate, you will enjoy traffic for many years regardless of your search engine rankings.

If you are not publishing articles, what are you waiting for? Article marketing and The Power of Proliferation can improve your search engine ranking and boost your organic web site traffic. Get on the band wagon today.