Arthur Court Designs Was Created by a Designer and Traveler

Arthur Court is a range of “silverware” and decorative products made of aluminum, polished to a brilliant luster. More significantly, the products are designed professionally, with inspiration from natural and man-made objects.

The prestigious range of products is made by Arthur Court Designs, of Arthur and Elena Court of San Francisco Bay area. In addition to running the company, the Courts design the products, contribute their time to conservation and wildlife causes, travel all over the world and collect minerals and artifacts.

Arthur Court worked for design and decorating firms for eighteen years before opening his own business. His vast mineral collection inspired and helped him create exotic designs, and the intricate aluminum creations that he offered proved highly successful in the market.

Elena Orsini-Court studied Oriental art history and modern art. She has worked as a corporate art consultant and curator for public art exhibitions. She is the director of product development at Arthur Court Designs, and also its president.

Designs come from numerous sources. It can come from the flowers, leaves and stems of plants and trees, animals and their movements, men, women and their creations. Traditional art provides many of the motifs used in products such as those made by Arthur Court Designs.

The vast and exotic collection of minerals gathered by the Courts would be an invaluable reference source for any designer. And Arthur Court Designs has used this source to marvelous effect.

Over five hundred designs have been used in their range of serve ware and decorative products. We take a brief look at a sampling of the range.

The American Traditional series include casseroles, trays, salad sets, trivets, American traditional granite and chip & dip servers. The most striking feature of these products is their stunning designs and brilliant luster.

The Bunny range utilizes bunny shapes and patterns in decorative products like photo frame and swing ornaments and utility products like a salt & pepper set.

Della Robia series offers salad bowls, cheese/cracker sets, chip & dip servers and a pitcher worked with amazingly intricate patterns.

The Dragonfly series range from an intricate sweetener holder with dragonflies all round to a simple square plate with a dragonfly embossed in one corner.

The Longhorn features the American Buffalo and the range includes salt & pepper set, fruit bowl stand with a transparent acrylic bowl and an oblong tray, among other items.

The Soho range has a design that pleases the eye with its apparent simplicity despite the obvious sophistication.

Other series include American Wilderness, Autumn, Baby, African Safari, Fleur De Lis, Frog, Horse, Large Animal Coolers, Magnolia, Chili Pepper, Pineapple and Palm Leaf, Tuscan, Western, Sealife Designs and even a Collegiate (offering licensed insignias of specific schools).

It is no wonder that Arthur Court Designs has been able to capture the fancy of consumers with the wide variety, sophistication and brilliance of its designs. The numerous themes cater to varied interests and the artistic execution pleases the eye and mind.