Art Degree In Interior Design

Are you always moving your furniture around to make your home or apartment appear more attractive? Do you enjoy watching television programs that depict different ways to spruce up your living space on a shoestring budget? Do you love reading magazines that depict lovely home interiors and try to copy those looks in your own home? Perhaps you should consider getting an art degree in interior design.

An art degree in interior design can be a ticket not only towards a lucrative career choice, but financial and career independence as well. Once you have established your identity as a professional interior designer, you will be able to work the hours which you choose, where you choose.

Interior designers have many different roles. While some work for individuals who are interested in having their home professionally decorated, others work for businesses or offices. A person with an art degree in interior design will study living space and understand all about what proper flow and safety. They will understand how to make the most use of different space and all about color and furnishings.

There are many employment avenues available for those with an art degree in interior design. You can begin work in the industry as a space planner if you wish to go into the commercial aspect of interior design. Space planners are in demand in many large cities. Although this is an entry level position, it can lead to other more exciting positions.

Those who love working with fabric and furnishing can have quite a career as an interior designer for homes. Builders often hire interior designers to decorate model homes. Interior designers often have a portfolio of interiors they have designed to show potential clients. While some clients may wish to have an entire home designed, others may just want one room designed. An interior designer has to not only know how to work with space, furnishings and color schemes, but he or she must also know how to make the best use of lighting and know about traffic flow patterns in homes.

There are many opportunities for those who pursue a career in fashion design. In addition to working in offices and private homes, businesses often use interior designers to display windows in stores. Some interior designers enjoy not only designing home space, but move on to actually create their own designs in furniture as well as furnishings. There is really no limit to what you can do with an art degree in interior design.

If you enjoy working with spaces, fabrics, lighting and home interiors and have a flair for color, it may be a good idea for you to pursue an art degree in interior design. Although it will take you a while to become established in this profession, once you have a name, you will not want for work. An art degree in interior design can be a good investment in your future if you enjoy working with home or office furnishings as well as interacting with people.