Aromatherapy – Helping Pregnant Women Ease through Their Labor

It was in the 1920’s when the term aromatherapy was coined by French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. He was able to find out about it by mere accident. He burnt himself while working in his laboratory. He soaked his injured arm in the nearest cold water that he could find. It happened to be a container that was full of lavender oil.

Gattefosse couldn’t believe that his arm healed quickly. It didn’t bear any scars and he didn’t suffer from too much pain that he had experienced before with past burns. From then on, he has become involved in finding out more about what has now become a branch of herbal medicine. The idea here is that certain oils that have been extracted from plants and herbs contain medicinal properties that can heal and cure various kinds of disorders.

The idea has come a long way and is now popularly used in parts of Europe, North America and all over the globe. Many people can testify as to the advantages and benefits that you can obtain in the process. This is also a popular choice for pregnant women, especially for first time moms who need to be guided throughout the process that they are going through.

Pregnancy and the Essential Oils

The essential oils used in the process are the end result of distillation. The oils are being extracted from botanical sources. It takes time before the end product becomes ready to be used. Through such, it develops to become concentrated, intoxicating as well as fragrant. It is advisable for such oils to be diluted in water before you apply this on your body parts of inhaled for that matter. This can also be mixed with other kinds of diffuser so as not to cause skin irritations.

Here are some ways that pregnant women can apply on their situation to help them in what they are going through. Make sure that you consult your doctor first regarding the processes to make sure that this won’t affect you in any negative way.

1. If you wish to soak in a luxurious bath, you can drop some oil with your favorite essences onto the water. This will relax your senses and help you feel fresh as well as soothe your emotions. This will help you feel comfortable no matter how big your tummy is becoming. This will also calm the baby inside your womb.

2. You can also use the oils if you want to use the shower. You can apply the oil on the back part of the sprinkler so that it will flow along with the water as you indulge yourself in the task.

3. You can mix the essential oil of your choice with jojoba oil. You can ask someone to massage the combination on your body, especially the parts that are aching because of the situation that you are in.

4. Find the right essences that will help you breathe regularly. This will aid you towards your coming labor. The process will help you learn the techniques on how to calm yourself. This way, you will know better when the time comes that you have to give birth.

Finding relief through aromatherapy is beneficial to all kinds of people. This is also proving to be a vital ally to expectant mothers and may also be used after you have given birth to your child.