Arizona Houseboating

Places to Houseboat in Arizona

If traveling to Arizona are one of your dreams, then check out renting a houseboat on one of Arizona’s beautiful lakes. Arizona has clear blue sparkling waters that will take you and your family’s breaths away. Houseboat rentals in Arizona will be a great adventure for a family or even a business meeting, so here are few places to look at when visiting Arizona.

Arizona boasts some of the most gorgeous lakes in the United States. With the beautiful Arizona sun, weather and scenery, these lakes are some of the best for houseboats.

Be sure to bring a camera and tons of film for your visit to Lake Powell. This lake is located on the borders of Utah and Arizona. With its clear blue waters and spectacular sandstone cliffs, it is sure to please all visitors. There are many inlets and coves you and your family to adventure while on your houseboat. The nearly 2000 miles of coastline will give you lots of room to dock and explore if hiking or camping is more your style. Also make sure to test out your fishing skills while at Lake Powell.

The second largest lake in Arizona is Lake Pleasant. It is located 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix. This beautiful lake has lots of coastline to explore while renting a houseboat for your family or business meeting. Keep your eyes open to see the wildlife that lives in and around this lake. Always have your camera close at hand to take snapshots of the views and wildlife you will encounter.

A third lake that is a great place to houseboat is located on the borders of Nevada and Arizona. Lake Mohave has beautiful sightseeing because of the 4 canyons that run along side the lake. On the rocky cliffs you can see Indian rock carvings and petroglyphs. The most unique characteristic of Lake Mohave is most of the lake is unable to be seen by driving a car. Only boaters are able to reach the nice sandy beaches and the best areas for fishing. Fishing is extremely popular on Lake Mohave. Depending on the time of year many types of fish live at Lake Mohave, which includes striped bass, large-mouth bass, catfish, rainbow trout, and bluegill. Be sure to have your fishing license and special use sticker from Arizona or Nevada to be able to fish these beautiful waters.

As you can see, Arizona has beautiful lakes for you to houseboat. With the spectacular views, blue waters, and tons of coastline to explore, you will can never become bored.