Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay does not merely assert an opinion; it presents a disagreement, and that argument must be backed up by data that persuades readers that the opinion is valid. This data consists of facts, statistics, and the testimony of others through personal interviews and questionnaires or through articles and books, and examples.

A writer who wants to write a confrontational paper should seek to use educated sources that are nonbiased, and to use them fairly. It is therefore best to avoid using hate groups as a source, although you can use them briefly as an example of the seriousness of the problem. Talk shows fall into the same category as they are frequently opinionated or untrue.

Want to know what you think about something? Then give your opinions and write about your opinions in the paper. To be fair, however, you’ll find that one of the first things you must do is become an expert on the issue.

When you pick a topic, make sure you pick a well-defined, controversial issue. Readers should understand what the issue is and what is at stake. The issue must be arguable, as noted above. After stating your thesis, you will need to discuss the issue in depth so that your reader will understand the problem fully.

In your paper, you must be take a clear position and state it clearly. Assume that your reader will disagree with you or be sceptical. It is important, therefore, that your tone be reasonable, professional, and trustworthy. By anticipating objections and making concessions, you inspire confidence and show your good will.

To convince a person about your point of views is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people might think that if one simply has an opinion, one can convince other with his or her opinions effectively, and these folks are always surprised when others don’t agree with them because their logic seems so correct. Additionally, writers often forget that their primary purpose in an argument is to “win” it–to sway the reader to accept their point of view. It is easy to name call, easy to ignore the point of view or research of others, and extremely easy to accept one’s own opinion as gospel, even if the writer has not checked his or her premise in a couple of years, or, as is the case for many young writers, never questioned the beliefs inherited from others.

Therefore, writing a confrontational paper requires you to be as resourceful as possible. Writers often have to do some thorough research on the topic. After that, writers would have to be able to take a clear stand on what they think is right about the issue before they begin writing their arguments.

A good argumentative essay requires the writers to present the most convincing statements that are able to make the readers to question their own knowledge about the topic and starts to believe in what the writerÂ’s opinions about the topic. To do so, the writers would have to put down the facts of their research in the argumentative essay, at the same time they will have to cite the facts to prove the credential of the arguments.