Argumentative essay

Who can write the best argumentative essay? A Doctorate holder in the relevant subject? A Judge whose job is to hear the arguments and counter arguments of learned barristers? A lawyer who spends a lifetime arguing cases? None from the above categories! The best argumentative essay can be written by a woman! She has the natural, God-given talents to argue. With her arguments, she tames one of the most amazing and intriguing creatures God has created on the Earth-the man!

Coming to the point, an argumentative essay has an important issue to say. While writing such an essay, you take a stand. You tender facts and figures, statements to make the audience before you accept your view point. You rather try to ‘convert’ them to a new ideology propounded by you. Choosing a topic for the argumentative essay is important. It should be such that you need to have some sort of conviction for the things that you write about. If your conviction is weak, your essay can not be strong.

While presenting your argumentative essay, think of the possible counterarguments of the reader. You can not take the reader for granted. Especially with the youngsters, it is difficult to put forth an argument. For every ‘why’, they have the ‘why not’? Persuading and making others accept your view point is no ordinary job. But if your presentation is based on facts and figures, notes that can not be refuted, you will make positive impact and you win the first round of the battle of wits.

In an argumentative essay, you need to be careful, check your facts, so that you are not trapped in your own arguments. This happens when you give irrelevant examples and allow your emotions to score over reason. Hasty generalizations should also be avoided. While quoting sources, be doubly sure about their authenticity. If the source is weak, your argumentative essay will not carry conviction.

The opposing part is the most important in an argumentative essay. Before opposing the idea, it is necessary that you restate the idea that you are about to oppose. Then strike it hard with your logical arguments. The wise saying goes, ‘do no strike, if you strike, strike it so hard, so that there is no need to strike again.’ This is possible when your argumentative essay contains strong statements, well supported by research.

After you complete your argumentative essay, give it a thorough reading. Now think of the positive counter arguments. Always remember the basic fact; every mind level argument can be met with a counter argument. You need to prepare yourself for the possible counter arguments and then proceed with your essay. That gives a feeling to the reader that you are aware of all possible pros and cons related to the topic.

Do not select some of the tough topics for your argumentative essay. There are topics over which the never-ending arguments have been going on and the conclusion seems to be impossibility. Some of them are capital punishment, women rights, divorce and marriage etc. Arguments relating to faith and religion are also difficult to win.