Area rugs, complement the decor of your room

Area rugs are a splendid yet inexpensive way to decorate or redecorate a room. Gone are the days of yore when area rugs came in boring old colors and styles and were only bought for practical purposes. Area rugs have come a long way since and are now available in vibrant colors, varied shapes, striking designs and a smorgasbord of different materials. They could be rectangular, round or oval and made of wool, silk, cotton or bamboo. You can buy area rugs in any color to complement the décor of the room or alternatively buy an exquisite area rug and decorate the room around it.

Choosing your area rug

Choosing an area rug that’s perfect for you can be quite a challenge, given the huge variety of area rugs available. Here are some aspects to take into consideration when buying area rugs:
• Size matters: The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a large area rug to cover a major portion of the floor or a smaller accent rug for decorative purposes.
• Style matters: The area rug you choose says a lot about you. Reflect your personality in your area rug by choosing from a wide range of colors and patterns. Your area rug could have a casual floral or sophisticated modern pattern; it could have bold patterns or a harmony of muted colors.
• Shape matters: Take a good look at your room and the available floor space before you decide which shape would fit in the best.
• Price matters: Area rugs come in a wide price range from affordably cheap to prohibitively expensive. Which price range you choose to buy from will depend on your bank balance and your lifestyle.

Maintaining your area rug

There’s no point in buying an expensive area rug if you do cannot afford to spend on its maintenance and upkeep. Area rug cleaning is a specialized process that is best done by professionals and can be rather expensive, depending on the material and design of your rug. So keep this in mind if you are considering investing all your savings in one very large and expensive area rug.

Mending your area rug

Area rugs are subjected to a lot of rough use. Kids trample all over them and scuff them, cigarette ash falls and burns them and little puppies love chewing up the corners. The cost of rug repair depends on the size of the damaged area as well as the style and the design of your area rug. Rugs that are intricately designed and have a higher knot-per-square-inch count require elaborate rug repair work done on them, which could be very, very expensive.

Appraising your area rug

It is highly recommended that a rug appraisal should be done as early as possible especially if you own a hand-knotted rug or any other expensive area rug. You can get a rug appraisal done by experienced rug dealers to assess the value of your rug either if you intend selling your area rug or for insurance purposes. The rug value depends on a number of factors including where it is made, the material used, the size, knots-per-squre-inch and last but not least, the brand name.

Buying your area rug

With the advent of the internet you no longer have to go around from one area to another looking for stores that deal with selling rugs. Now you can conveniently buy your area rug from one of the online stores that sell rugs. It is easy to browse through all the products available and also check out the different sizes and prices of the designs you like. If you are a resident of Long Island, just do a search for rugs long island on any major search engine and you could come up with the names of all the stores in your area that sell rugs.