Are Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil Products Legit?

Why are you wondering whether Zilis ULtra Cell CBD oil is a scam or a legit MLM company? Probably because you have seen many MLM companies come, con innocent investors and close the doors. This is probably the reason many people today don’t trust MLM companies. Although a number of them have set a bad track for many affiliate marketers, there’s an opportunity with zilis that you shouldn’t miss.

What is Zilis?

Zilis is a MLM company that was started in 2015. Today the company operates from Dallas Texas and focuses entirely on CBD-based wellness and health products. As an ambassador for their products, you can make a lot of money as they claim on their website.

A couple; Steven and Angie Thompson, founded the company. The two have many years in direct marketing and selling of cbd oil better known as Cannabinoil oil and hemp oil products.

Is Zilis a scam?

Although there are many red flags with MLM businesses, I would not entirely categorize Zilis as a scam retailer company. With the information shared above, there are many signs that this company presents a genuine and legitimate opportunity to make money and get high quality Cannabinoids. Their flagship product is Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil found as described on

The company promotes hemp oil and other cbd products. However, I have come across several claims that almost 95% of new ambassadors are not making a decent income with Zilis. Some customers also claim that some of the products they purchased did not meet their expectations.

What I liked about Zilis?

There are several things I liked about this company. First and foremost is the fact that Zilis only markets cbd and hemp products which you can as well market and sell on their behalf to make money.

This is reputable company

Zilis was founded about 4 years ago which is the reason I am sure the company is a legitimate opportunity. Besides, a scam company cannot be operational for that long.

There are many ways to make money

Zilis presents about 7 ways you can earn through them. You can make money through retail commissions, MLM commissions, direct recruitment commissions, Jeep bonuses and blessing Bonuses.

Zilis products work

Although the company has made it clear on their website that their products are not elevated by FDA, there’s certainty that the products can help people regardless of their situations. However, keep in mind the products may not work perfectly for everyone.  One thing to be careful with is the uncertainty in just how long will a CBD bottle last you.

What I didn’t like about Zilis

Joining Zilis is very expensive.

No one would think paying $199 to join Zilis is a cheap option. You are given products to sell with no guarantee that you will find customers.

95% of new affiliates don’t make handsome incomes

There are some claims that joining Zilis today wouldn’t benefit you in the way you expect. With the pool of marketers and competitors, as a beginner you may miss the target.

Their customer care is not very responsive

Let’s say you have a problem with the product you got and now you want to raise the issue. Many people claim you can wait up to 5 days for help.

Final verdict

Zilis is not a scam. But I wouldn’t recommend joining with high expectations. You can make money, yes, but not good money. So the button is on you. Furthermore, you need to have passion for marketing and selling products if at all you will make here.